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Amazing Race

I was yelling with pure excitement and delight when I saw Nicholas and Don running up to the mat in 3rd place in Taipei. Is it possible they could come in first next week?? We’ll see!

The final scene with an eliminated Nate and Jen was very touching, though. I have been ready for them to go almost since the first week. Not Nate- just Jen. She is way, way too high-strung. She tearfully commented after they were eliminated that they had basically killed their relationship in order to try to win the race. She seemed genuinely filled with regret. And Nate crying and showing his grief over elimination from the race coupled with the state of complete disrepair their relationship is in was so deep and heartfelt. Their tearful and very sweet embrace as the show ended did cause me to feel so bad for them. 

I’m still glad Nick and Don made it to the mat before them though!


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Well, this week I got caught by “The Amazing Race”-comes-on-after-“60 Minutes” crazy scheduling thing CBS does. In other words, the show starts at an off-time due to sports programs before “60 Minutes” running overtime which causes the rest of the evening schedule to be off in time as well. In order to watch the full episode of TAR, I have to make sure to TiVo “Cold Case”, as well. Well, I thought I had done that- but evidently not, because our episode ended right as Christina and Ron narrowly escaped elimination by stepping onto the mat in 9th place. In reading the recap on cbs.com, the article affirmed that, as I thought, poor old Kate and Pat straggled up to the mat in last place and were promptly elimated from the race. Good. I just didn’t like thinking about their relationship, especially in light of the fact that they are “Married Ministers” in the Episcopal Church. And they each have their own children and/or grand-children. TMI for me.

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My TV Shows

Before we had TiVo, I barely watched TV- like for about 10 years. But since, TiVo; oh my goodness, I have my fave shows. And I hate when this time of year comes around, because all of my shows are ending!!

Survivor:I was just screaming at Yau-man tonight to use that Immunity Idol…and he did!!! Whew, that was a close one. It took him forever to stand up and reveal it! I want Yau to win!!! He’s is one of the best characters on Survivor ever: filled with integrity, listens more than he talks, is kind and loyal and he’s really cute in a turtle-ish sort of way!

Amazing Race: why won’t they call me?? I’ve applied twice! I didn’t strongly care who won this time- but when it came right down to it, I was happy that Eric and Danielle made it. Eric was soooo close the first time he raced. It would have been extremely difficult for him to lose again after getting into the top three a second time. ( I was really glad the hippies won on Eric’s other season though.) Just a side note- The Orange Conference I was at this week…Blake from Season 2 was there as a vendor, promoting his new shoe line; Tom’s Shoes. For each pair sold, he gives a pair to needy children in 3rd world countries. Click here for a link to a moving video that tells his story.

Lost!!!!!!!! Oh man- I don’t know what to say. Click on my daughter’s blog for her recap. She and I talked about this at length today because both of our husbands were asleep during the show last night and we had to talk about it with someone! The whole Jacob scene was so scary, I couldn’t even rewind and watch it again. Typically, when there are really intense scenes on Lost, I go back over them frame by frame with my TiVo remote. But I was too “scared” last night. So, tonight when both Darrell and I were home, we watched it in slo-mo together!

After last night’s episode, I did really begin to think through the idea that all the characters who have come to the island after the Dharma Initiative people arrived, with the exception of those who have been recruited/brought to the island by Ben and the Others are actually dead- off the island. For example, the Flight 815 crash victims are actually dead. Desmond actually died on his sailboat and just drifted onto the island. Naomi, the parachute girl did actually die. AND THEN, these dead people come back to life when they somehow touch the island. Here’s the thing though, if they somehow were able to leave the island, they would not contine to live. In other words, the only life they can now have is on the island. Is that why Locke blew up the submarine? He knew Jack would actually die if he got into the sub and they began moving away from the island? Hmmmm……maybe.

I can imagine a final scene in one of the upcoming seasons:

We see a small dinghy bobbing on the horizon of the ocean. The camera pans in closer to the boat, high above the deck. As the camera zooms into the deck- who do we see but Michael and Walt. Both dead because they left the island. Of course, that’s why Ben let them go- because he knew they weren’t going too far!

I don’t know, there’s probably holes in that theory too- but it kind of makes sense. I’m hoping that within the parameters of TVLand/Lost-reality, that the life-giving properties of the island revive and heal Locke. BECAUSE I CANNOT IMAGINE LOST WITHOUT LOCKE!!!!!

24: Just a couple more hours and this day will be done. I don’t mind it as much this season- but watching 24 does make for an interesting Monday night.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to take up reading again when all my shows are on hiatus!

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I’m copying this from Amanda and Staci.  I always think about what I will do when I’m on a reality show (or even in a studio audience or for that matter- any show). So their blogs got me thinking:
1. If I were on The Amazing Race, my partner and I would win!

2. If I were on Survivor, I probably would get kicked off first. Too bossy.

3. If I were on Little People, Big World, I would be the tallest one on the show and I’m only 5’4″.

4. If I were on The Contender, well… I wouldn’t be.

5. If I were on 24, I would speak in a normal tone of  voice.

6. If I were in the audience of Live with Regis and Kelly, I would be the one to whom Regis would say something like- “Hey Lady- got a minute?” But he would come out into the audience on a break and pose for a picture with me.

7. If I were on Lost, I would not go walking around in the woods by myself.

8. If I were on my own TV show, well, I would really like it!!

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OK, just a couple of more comments about this day:

1. Finally caught up on last week’s Survivor– glad to see Mookie go.

2. My phone got lost and then stolen. I think I lost it inside the playground tunnels at McDonalds. Nora and I were playing. Anyway, looked my account when I got home: two international calls to Mexico. Hmmmmm…… sounds stolen to me. Needless to say, I had my service cut off. So, as of this moment- no service, no phone. Brother.

3. I am listening to an incredible CD about seeing God through his creation. It’s making me think about things I have never thought about before. I’ll share a few in upcoming blogs.

4. I am behind on Amazing Race and 24– so I think I will forget about my phone and catch up on two of my fave shows!!

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