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Lydia and monarch butterfly

Lydia loves nature: dogs, leaves, birds, bugs and exploring. We spied this beautiful monarch butterfly in the backyard. Lydia was a little leery of holding the butterfly, so we put it on her foot.  I haven’t seen anything much more adorable than that little baby foot adorned by God’s colorful creation!

Amanda's candy sushi

Amanda had a Survivor party, to celebrate the first show of this season of Survivor. The show is set in China this year, so Amanda made some “faux” sushi out of fun, sweet ingredients. The round ones are slices of Twinkies wrapped in Fruit Rollups with a fruit -shaped candy on top. The larger piece is a Rice Krispie treat, topped with a Swedish fish candy, also wrapped with a Fruit Rollup. Isn’t Amanda clever?!

A couple of comments about Survivor: This is still one of my favorite shows. I love to watch the unfolding of the group and individual dynamics in forming a Survivor community. I would LOVE to be on the show, but I don’t think I would last past one or two tribal councils. “Too bossy.” Kristen, Amanda and I watched the season premiere together.


Enjoy some highlights from Jason’s 27th Birthday:


A couple of shots from Kids Club this week:


Here’s a peek at our middle schoolers playing games, then getting together for Bible Study and prayer:


Our ministry night this week ended up with Jason calling the police. A big fight broke out at the back of our ministry apartment. People were being thrown against our back wall and our back porch. It seemed to be instigated by “The Bloods”; a gang in our complex…with outside interference by moms and/or wives wielding pipes and sticks. Four police cars eventually responded, and we were able to let our kids go home. Yikes!

This video from my phone is not at all clear, but it might give you a bit of an idea. I was filming through our sliding glass door, between the slats of the blinds!!




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Camp Primo: starring Nora and Lydia

 This gives you a flavor of all the fun. And this was just the first night!!

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It’s finally here! I’ve been looking forward to this since the day Nora, our first granddaughter, was born! Today, our two campers will arrive for two days of Camp Primo* fun! It’s Grandparents/Granddaughters camp! Hooray!

Lydia, who is 17 months and Nora, who is 3 years old will be our campers and do we have fun in store for them! They will be arriving at 6 P.M. wearing their Camp Primo shirts and bringing all their camp gear! Then as soon as we can get rid of the parents (j/k), the fun will begin. Tonight’s schedule includes “Fun on the Deck.” We’ll be making fabulous camping scenes out of fun foam. It will be great.

Also up tonight: learning our Camp Primo theme song, hearing and exploring a Bible Story with our “Help Zaccheus Find Jesus” interactive poster, win prizes and snacks at PaPa’s Fishing Booth. The highlight of the evening, however, will be stories and snacks in the tent. We’ve got a great tent already set up in our living room. Hopefully the campers and camp staff (Grandmama and PaPa) will all be sleeping in the tent. We’ll see how all that works out, though. We’ve also got a great video to watch through our tent flaps; a favorite of Grandmama’s when she was a little girl. It’s an episode from the Wonderful World of Disney entitled “The Yellowstone Cubs.” Here’s what it’s about:

  When young cubs, Tuffy and Tubby are separated from their mother, chaos and calamity are turned loose on vacationers and campers with hilarious results. A madcap animal escapade from the Disney wizards.

Sounds good, dosn’t it? I think our two little babies will like it- or at least fall asleep while we’re watching it!


*Camp Primo’s name in English refers to someone or something of highest quality or value; the best, number one. This of course refers to the most important person in our lives: Jesus!

In Spanish, primo means cousin.

So, Camp Primo is a camp for cousins that puts Jesus first!!

For those of you who know a little bit of Spanish, I noticed too that our camp which has a masculine name in Spanish seems to only have primas (female cousins) in attendance. However, we are just looking forward to the day that Camp Primo will have boy cousins too!! **wink-wink**

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Oops- forgot to get a couple of van videos in the last post:



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It’s hard to wrap my mind around the words: We’re back from vacation. Yuck! Vacation is kind of a mysterious, romanticized, almost over-anticipated event in our lives- and I LOVE OUR, generally annual, FAMILY EXCURSIONS.

This year, we went to Columbia, Missiouri for our nephew Caleb’s wedding to his now wife, Meagen. More about their special day in upcoming blogs.

We traveled to Caleb and Meagan’s Missouri wedding through north Georgia, criss-crossed Tennessee, cut the western edge of Kentucky and then to the heart of Missouri in a 12 passenger van full of luggage, 6 adults, one three year old and one 17-month old, plus baby paraphenalia! What a privilege for my dh and me to spend an entire focused week with our children, their spouses and our over-the-moon, cute, cute, cute granddaughters.

I can tell that I will be blogging for some time to come about this trip. But since the van itself is such a big part of the adventure, I’m going to post a couple of pix and vids to give you a feel for it! Enjoy!

The Driver!     We already look a little tired.     Lydia passes the time by reading.

Yeah, you’re smiling now!     Lydia also likes to suck her thumb to pass the time.

PaPa is washing Nora’s window.    

BTW- the camera we ended up geting is the Casio Exilim. It is little, easy to figure out and I like it very much. We were worried about having to charge the battery all the time. However, the camera came with a tiny battery charger. We just plugged it in every night and the battery was good to go all day, every day. It seemed to hold its charge longer than previous rechargeable ones we’ve dealt with.

Anyway, we ended up getting the red one, even after I kind of poked fun of the girl who gushed about her pink camera!

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I think it’s a milestone when you live in a house for thirty years. Or when you have a thirty year old daughter. Or maybe when you still have a thirty year old nightgown.

Well, I have all three! The one I am most excited about is my 30-year old daughter, Amanda! Her birthday was yesterday; May 15. And that got me thinking about what was happening thirty years ago!

Well, first of all, in 1977, gas was only about 70 cents per gallon. And I remember that seemed very high. Twice as high as what we had been paying only 3 or 4 years previously!

Some of the best movies that year are still favorites: Saturday Night Fever, Annie Hall and one of my all-time faves: Star Wars!

The Donnie and Marie Show show began in 1977- we never missed it! I loved it. And back then, you had to be home at the right time and hope you had good reception in order to watch a favorite show! The mini-series Roots came out in 1977. That was a huge topic of conversation for weeks. Three’s Company was also a new big hit- although I never really personally liked it much.

I read that George H. W. Bush resigned as the head of the CIA in 1977. Dumb ‘ol Jimmy Carter was president. Darrell and I stood in line for two hours the previous year for me to vote for Gerald Ford and Darrell to vote for Jimmy Carter. We cancelled out each other’s votes as our country voted in one of the most ineffective presidents in recent history.

We got our first microwave in 1977. A microwave is still a non-negotiable in my life- and I was so excited to get that thing! And really, at that time, we were one of the first ones I knew who had one. Probably because of my huge interest in cooking!

What didn’t we have in 1977? Well, we didn’t have personal computers, the internet, the word “blog” hadn’t even been thought of, no cell phones. Cable TV was something we were kind of hearing about, but we sure didn’t have it. Another big difference in 1977, is we did not have ultrasounds. Expecting couples had no idea if they were having a girl or a boy- can you imagine? So, I know this seems straight out of the dark ages- but there was no registry for baby showers. Why would there be? So at my baby shower for Amanda, friends and family just bought me whatever they wanted. I got boy clothes, girl clothes, mis-matched baby stuff- and I loved it all.

I remember coming home from that baby shower and putting little stuffed animals into the baby boy/girl’s crib. And hanging up little bitty short dresses and corduroy boys’ pants in his/her closet. S/he got some girl’s shoes that were size zero. Little did I know when Amanda was born that a size zero would still be too big for her.

Amanda was born approximately 5 weeks early. When we took her home from the hospital she was only 5 pounds, 6 ounces. As big as a minute one of our first visitors told us.

Back in the 1977 dark ages, babies did not room in with their mothers in the hospital. But every four hours, you’d hear all the little baby beds rolling down the hallways, pulled by nurses, bringing the babies to be fed and ooed and ahhed over by their parents. The babies were never out in the rooms during visiting hours. Grandmas and grandpas could look through the nursery glass to see the new little ones- but that was it!

A lot has changed in 30 years- a lot of it for the better. But what hasn’t changed for me is the wonder of the precious little life we named Amanda Nichole. Today, she is the most dynamic God-lover, authentic Christian woman, loving daughter, devoted wife and head-over-heels-in-love mother of her own little baby girl, Lydia.

I love her. Happy birthday, Amanda. You are worthy of love.

BTW- the 30 year old nightgown? Darrell gave it to me the weekend before Amanda was born as a Mother’s Day gift. Little did we know we’d have a  baby the very next Sunday!I’ve always kept that nightgown because it brings back memories of one of the most exciting weeks of my life and my first baby, Amanda.

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