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OK- I think this is just right to celebrate over 100 posts!



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This is my 100th post in this blog! They say a blogger should make their 100th post special…it is a milestone after all.

However, I’m a little “blank” tonight. Or actually, my mind is a little full- lots of details swirling around about a lot of stuff.

I think I’ll have to make Post 101 or 102 the one that celebrates this blog. In the meantime, I’m going to take a break and go watch “Survivor!”

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I like keeping up my blog. I really do. Not that you can tell it by this last month….especially this last week! But can I say that sometimes life overtakes me and I don’t keep up with a lot of things! Like I gained a pound and a half this week. Obviously, I wasn’t keeping up with my Weight Watcher’s Food Tracker, or whatever it’s called; not to mention grocery shopping for nutritious food! I had to wear more-than-damp jeans the other day- laundry not kept up. My desk was such a disaster, I had to rake papers, envelopes, office supplies, billls and more into a cardboard box just to get to my computer.

But, I have been involved in fun, fulfilling, challenging and worthwhile projects during the last couple of weeks. The results of which completely minimize all the stuff  I haven’t kept up-to-date.

However, as I’m typing this, I can vaguely hear a newsbrief on TV about Britney Spears’ loss of custody of her two sons. She may be saying to everyone in her life right now- “I’ll do better! I’ll keep up with my life!”

I’m afraid it’s a bit too late for her right now. But I do want to pray for her: Lord, please surround Britney Spears with people who will bring her wise counsel that comes from you. Help her little boys tonight and give them peace.

I’ll post pictures and thoughts about my activities over the next couple of days. Thankfully, my activities have been fun and wholesome!

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Lydia and monarch butterfly

Lydia loves nature: dogs, leaves, birds, bugs and exploring. We spied this beautiful monarch butterfly in the backyard. Lydia was a little leery of holding the butterfly, so we put it on her foot.  I haven’t seen anything much more adorable than that little baby foot adorned by God’s colorful creation!

Amanda's candy sushi

Amanda had a Survivor party, to celebrate the first show of this season of Survivor. The show is set in China this year, so Amanda made some “faux” sushi out of fun, sweet ingredients. The round ones are slices of Twinkies wrapped in Fruit Rollups with a fruit -shaped candy on top. The larger piece is a Rice Krispie treat, topped with a Swedish fish candy, also wrapped with a Fruit Rollup. Isn’t Amanda clever?!

A couple of comments about Survivor: This is still one of my favorite shows. I love to watch the unfolding of the group and individual dynamics in forming a Survivor community. I would LOVE to be on the show, but I don’t think I would last past one or two tribal councils. “Too bossy.” Kristen, Amanda and I watched the season premiere together.


Enjoy some highlights from Jason’s 27th Birthday:


A couple of shots from Kids Club this week:


Here’s a peek at our middle schoolers playing games, then getting together for Bible Study and prayer:


Our ministry night this week ended up with Jason calling the police. A big fight broke out at the back of our ministry apartment. People were being thrown against our back wall and our back porch. It seemed to be instigated by “The Bloods”; a gang in our complex…with outside interference by moms and/or wives wielding pipes and sticks. Four police cars eventually responded, and we were able to let our kids go home. Yikes!

This video from my phone is not at all clear, but it might give you a bit of an idea. I was filming through our sliding glass door, between the slats of the blinds!!



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It’s been over a week since I even opened this blog. I have been busy, busy, busy. Not at home much. And my brain has been too full! So, to catch up, here’s an alphabetical list of some of the stuff I’ve been doing!!

Amanda- she constantly “saves my neck”; as in performing with her puppet Vicki to lead into my devotion at the conference (see “V” and “D”) Also as in serving on a Family in Ministry panel with me.

Birthday, as in Jason’s 27th!

Coaching and Consulting by Ministry Ventures

Devotions at the conference (see “N”)

Excitement! The new TV season is coming up. Watched my first shows of the season- Prison Break. It was a little stronger than I was expecting! And Biggest Loser. I liked it!

Flex Points have now been expanded to PowerFlex- new test program at my Weight Watchers center. Sounds interesting.

Gazillion- the number of e-mails sent back and forth this week in preparation for the conference (see “N”)

Homework from my non-profit coach/consultant- and it’s hard! (see “C”)

IRS: They’re waiting for me to submit names of new SqPeg board members. I’m waiting to hear back from a couple more potential members first!

Jason- the birthday boy! (see “B”) 9-16

Kids Club- I missed it this week due to the conference (see “N”) Jason, Brandy, Kristen    and Julie held down the fort just fine, though! Jonathan, too, I heard.

Lunch with Meredith and Kristen. They forgot to seat Meredith!!! Also lunch with Brenda- long time no see!!

M&M Puppeteers: practice and upcoming reunion dinner and 20th Anniversary performance!

North Georgia Church of God Children’s Leaders Conference. I serve on the conference committee, taught two classes- both new to me- operated two booths; SqPeg and One Way Street and moderated one of the General Sessions. Thanks Amanda, Staci, Kristen, Darrell, Jason, Brandy, Jonathan, Julie and committee!

Oh my goodness. What were getting ourselves into with the M&M Puppeteer reunion performance??

Puppet props, costumes, choregraphy and practice


Red Lobster- yummy lunch (see “L”)

Shopping for props, costumes and supplies (see “P”)

Tutoring and Homework Help at our SqPeg ministry apartment


Vicki- she is too funny! (see “A”)

Weight Watchers- Yes, I’m back at it. I’ve lost 6 pounds this month!


Yamato- where we celebrated Jason’s birthday- Good idea, Brandy! (see “B”)

Zooming around (see every letter above)

Somehow, Nora and Lydia didn’t make this list- but not because they shouldn’t have! Lydia and I have been doing lots of “puppets.” And Nora is my partner at Tutoring/Homework Help each week. They make my day, week, month, year, life- regardless of what letter of the alphabet they fit into!!

*I’m sure something happened as related to these letters, too….

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Here’s what I’m working on right now:

Concepts 21 Kids Club (see Square Peg Ministries tab above)- this is the last week of Superbook Olympics. We’ve been studying the book of Mark. We’re only going to finish through Chapter 5. However, we did learn a lot of Bible stories and where to find them. Most importantly, we learned how kids can tap into the same Jesus of the Bible stories to help in their own everyday lives. Tomorrow, we’re going to end this season with ice cream sundaes. Yum!

Royal Family Kids Camp– the three of us who are starting the Cherokee County camp next summer are e-mailing back and forth with follow-up details from our meeting last week. We’re working towards an Open House/Informational Reception next month for folks we hope will be interested in joining this ministry next year.

M&M Puppeteers’ 20th Anniversary Reunion/Performance: It’s hard to believe we’ve been in ministry for 20 years- but we’ve got the videos and the hairstyles to prove it! We’re planning to do an anniversary performance at the Atlanta Puppet Festival next month. Sooo, we’ve been meeting and planning for two weeks already. Working practices begin next Tuesday. Seven more weeks to go!! We’ve identified approximately 75+ people who have served on the puppet team through the years!

N. GA Church of God Children’s Leaders’ Committee: Since I fulfilled my 12 years of service on the national team, the local group asked me to join them to help put on the annual North Georgia conference. I am helping find and contact exhibitors for the conference. We’re beginning to get some response. However, the event is only 5 weeks away- so we’re hoping and praying for the best.

Atlanta Puppet Festival: I mentioned the M&M Puppeteers performance- but on top of that, there’s an entire festival to put together! We’re expecting 700 people. This year we’re hosting it at Crabapple First Baptist Church. The festival is an exciting ministry training event- but it’s a lot of work. However, the benefits of rubbing shoulders with like-minded people and the resources we receive make it worth the effort.

Square Peg Ministries: putting together an effective board to help govern the direction of the ministry. ‘Nuf said on that one. Getting out our newsletter with details about fall: school-year Kids Club format begins, middle school Bible Study and activities, we’re starting a new Hispanic puppet team, Homework Help/Tutoring begins after Labor Day, Open House/Sign Ups for our ministry programs. Getting our Compassion In Action project together. It’s a bunch of stuff to think about and do!

Summerfest/Mobile, AL: I’ll be teaching at this one day ministry training event. However, I’m driving to it- so it becomes at least a two day event. And I’ve got to prepare my workshops pretty soon. It’s next week!

Camp Rocks (see tab above): I know it’s done, but I’ve still got thank yous to get out. No small task!

Trying to keep up a blog: mixed results! Yikes!!!

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It’s hard to wrap my mind around the words: We’re back from vacation. Yuck! Vacation is kind of a mysterious, romanticized, almost over-anticipated event in our lives- and I LOVE OUR, generally annual, FAMILY EXCURSIONS.

This year, we went to Columbia, Missiouri for our nephew Caleb’s wedding to his now wife, Meagen. More about their special day in upcoming blogs.

We traveled to Caleb and Meagan’s Missouri wedding through north Georgia, criss-crossed Tennessee, cut the western edge of Kentucky and then to the heart of Missouri in a 12 passenger van full of luggage, 6 adults, one three year old and one 17-month old, plus baby paraphenalia! What a privilege for my dh and me to spend an entire focused week with our children, their spouses and our over-the-moon, cute, cute, cute granddaughters.

I can tell that I will be blogging for some time to come about this trip. But since the van itself is such a big part of the adventure, I’m going to post a couple of pix and vids to give you a feel for it! Enjoy!

The Driver!     We already look a little tired.     Lydia passes the time by reading.

Yeah, you’re smiling now!     Lydia also likes to suck her thumb to pass the time.

PaPa is washing Nora’s window.    

BTW- the camera we ended up geting is the Casio Exilim. It is little, easy to figure out and I like it very much. We were worried about having to charge the battery all the time. However, the camera came with a tiny battery charger. We just plugged it in every night and the battery was good to go all day, every day. It seemed to hold its charge longer than previous rechargeable ones we’ve dealt with.

Anyway, we ended up getting the red one, even after I kind of poked fun of the girl who gushed about her pink camera!

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