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I was inspired by my daughter Amanda’s blog and her contest to write about my favorite Christmas ornament…only I’m having a hard time doing that, because I am laughing too much. The ornament of which I am writing is probably Amanda’s LEAST FAVORITE, ever. Even though it is not going on my tree this year and is actually in a little box filled with other equally lovely ornaments from years gone by, it does have my favorite little face on it. I remember when Amanda came home with this because I was amazed at how her teachers had accomplished this project with the entire class- I thought it was really clever!

Looking at it now, 24 years later, I still recognize Amanda’s little handwriting and drawing and remember the hand-me-down shirt she has on. Most of all though, I loved her long hair and thought she was so cute when it was completely pushed back in her headband. Her forehead and little stray hairs were adorable.

So, now instead of laughing, I’ve got a little tear in my eye- Gosh, time is so crazy, isn’t it? It almost seems like that little girl could come bounding down the steps to give me good night hug. Instead, she’s a wife and mother, raising her own cutie-pie baby girl and inspiring me to post this funny/cute/favorite Christmas ornament:

Merry Christmas!

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