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Our Family Christmas

We had a wonderful family Christmas at my sister, Sheila’s. Here is a picture or two of each person who got to celebrate together:

Our Family ChristmasOur Family Christmas

Sheila gave Brandy/Nora and Amanda/Lydia matching “Mommy and Me” aprons and kids’ cookbooks.

Our Family ChristmasOur Family Christmas

                    Jason was very excited about the mixer Darrell and I gave him!

Our Family ChristmasOur Family Christmas

David was excited about both of the gifts we gave him. He loves the Discovery Channel video series called “Planet Earth.” (I do too!) But most of all, he loved the Barbie toy Darrell gave him (j/k.) Darrell and David have had a “Barbie” tradition since David’s 6th birthday when Darrell gave him a Barbie doll as a joke- plus some kind of foam ammunition toy gun. David and his friends who attended the 6th birthday party used Barbie as a target to play with that gun- and LOVED it! Ever since then, Darrell has creatively found a way to give David a Barbie toy at every holiday. David has turned the joke on Darrell a few times over the years, too!

Our Family Christmas

Amanda and Les….Amanda is about to open one of her favorite gifts: makeup and skin care from Skin Solutions.

Our Family Christmas

Darrell and Charmin. We brought Charmin with us so she could “celebrate” with the family. She was actually very good. Sheila has a tiny poodle named Bandit. Thankfully, the dogs get along very well.

Our Family Christmas

Sheila cooked a lot of yummy food for us. Here she is modeling the handmade “scarf-let” Amanda gave her.

Our Family ChristmasOur Family Christmas

Lydia “got” the idea of opening Christmas presents…it’s fun! In both pictures she is holding pieces of the cutest fairy cottage Aunt Sheila gave her.

Our Family ChristmasChristmas Under the Sea 028

Nora knew the Christmas gift routine well this year. You can see she is very serious!

We had a wonderful Christmas together. Just wanted to end with something you don’t see at everyone’s Christmas celebration:

Our Family Christmas

Sheila bought these for the guys. Don’t they look Christmas-y (heh-heh!)

Nora got into the act too:

Our Family Christmas

Well, at last, between family and ministry Christmas celebrations- other than taking down the tree and decorations- I’m looking forward to Christmas 2008 already!


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Click here for behind-the-scenes details of this mission!

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Yikes! Yesterday, I turned 51! In honor of my birthday, let me post some pictures of my granddaughters at my family Birthday Brunch. Be sure to read this entire post, because at the very end, you will see me as you’ve never seen me before!

What sweet girls!

Ummm….Nora- that’s Lydia’s face you’ve got!

Nora….Grandmama can’t breathe!!


 My birthday present from Darrell was a “Teeth Whitening” session! Yea…I’ve always wanted to do this. Well. That is, in privacy. Instead, this whitening place was smack dab in the middle of our mall. Here I am teetering on the edge of the second floor so everyone, first and second floor can see me getting my teeth done. I am also reading the “take your life in your own hands, we are not responsible” paperwork before they get me started.

I told you that you’ve never seen me looking like this!! And in public!!

After we got home from the Birthday Brunch and teeth whitening session, I got to wrap these presents:

Note to self: don’t wait until Christmas Eve evening to start wrapping.

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday! And now I have whiter teeth!


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Our final Christmas event for the kids in our ministry was the “Happy Birthday, Jesus” party. We played Christmas games, acted out the Christmas story complete with costumes, had a surprise visit from Vicki the puppet; aka, my daughter Amanda, passed out treat bags, sang Christmas carols, ate cupcakes and sang “Happy Birthday.” See how Miss Kristen arranged our cupcakes into the name of Jesus:

Click here to see a few more photos of kids in “Nativity costumes.”

Following the party, Miss Kristen and I took our middle schoolers to Caribou Coffee for a Christmas treat. Here are a few of them:

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We love our little Bijon Frise, Charmin(you know, squeezably soft like the toilet paper!) However, she has to be groomed on a regular basis, or here are the shaggy results:

 Well, she got even worse than that, because another six weeks passed after these pictures were taken before we finally got her to the groomer.

Here are her beautifully coifed results. Yes, this is the same dog!


She was pretty tired by the time we got home from the groomer.


A couple days later, I brought home a doggy reindeer outfit (which didn’t last) and this beautiful Christmas tree hat. You can see Charmin was not too pleased with me!

Merry Christmas!

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Last night Papa and Grandmama took two Junior Secret Agents, Lydia and Nora, on a covert holiday operation (code name: Christmas Tree Lighting Party.) The name was changed of course to make sure the Junior Secret Agents’ parents would let them stay out after bed time!

While on mission, Jr. Secret Agent Lydia displayed a previously hidden talent: Photo Surveillance. Here is an amazing collection of undercover pictures Lydia took to chronicle our mission every step of the way.

First of all, the covert operation was underwritten by the money in Grandmama’s purse:



Here you will notice that Lydia’s photos established our surroundings for any future reports we may need to file. Of course, she masked the actual location so we would not be spotted while on our holiday mission:



Lydia was drawn especially to various articles of furniture. She thought there was a possibility of hidden clues. She and her partner, Nora, took turns arranging the furniture to make sure nothing was overlooked:


As you can see, the junior agents were very thorough, especially in their chair investigation:

During the evening, Lydia wisely took a photo of a suspicious cup so we could bring it back to the lab to dust for fingerprints. 



She also took care to document the participants in the holiday operation. Of course, I can only use Lydia’s code names here so as to not fully identify any of the Secret Agents. First, there is Gamama:



Next is Lydia herself. Very sneaky how she never fully photographs her own face!



Several pictures of her junior agent partner, Nowa:



Finally of course, the Senior Agent himself, Papa:



Due to confidentiality agreements among all four agents, I cannot reveal the results of our holiday mission at this time. However, check back after 12.25 and mission results will be revealed. Good job for this thorough photo report, Agent Lydia!!

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