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Whew, I just got back from Mobile, AL. I was teaching and working at a one-day puppetry event, Summerfest, which One Way Street hosts during the summer only (good name!) For those of you who know the puppet festival format, there are a few differences. Like I said, it’s Saturday only instead of Friday night and Saturday. Summerfests are usually smaller- in areas where OWS is trying to build up their base. And they don’t give awards for competition, except for a People’s Choice award. However, the winning team does get $50 worth of merchandise- so that’s not bad. Since the Sumerfests are smaller, so is the staff. This weekend, there were 225 attendees and we had 4 staff plus the hostess and her team. We worked mighty hard to keep everything going.

I taught three workshops:

Puppet Team Devotions- how to put ministry at the heart of your team

Children’s Church for the Klutz- oh, I love this workshop- even with its crazy name. It’s not a resources or how-to-do-Children’s-Church workshop; but rather, how to lay a biblical, spiritual, worshipful foundation in raising children up through Children’s Church.

Blacklight Puppetry- not my favorite because I have to drag a lot of stuff with me- but puppet teams need to know how to do it!

I also judged the competition. I like to judge competitions, but sometimes they can get a bit boring if there are a lot of “bronze medal” level performances. However, at this festival, one of the songs was one of the best songs I have seen in a long time. It was performed by a small, mostly family team from Mobile, Alabama. The song they did was “Jesus Is Still Alright” by DC Talk. A 16 year old boy on their team choreographed it, made all the props and even made a moving mouth puppet out of foam noodles. I told them they should be very proud of their efforts- because it was a great performance. I loved it…and I would love to grab hold of that puppeteer!

I also had to open the conference with a devotion that I didn’t know I was doing until during the trip down there via a message on my cell phone!

On Friday before I traveled down to  Mobile, I had a two hour committee meeting for another ministry in which I am involved; then I drove the 6 hours to Mobile and stayed up late printing handouts for my workshops and planning the morning devotion. By the time the whole thing was done about 5 PM central time, I could not drive all the way home. I drove to Montgomery, approximately 3 hours and spent the night. I was almost sick by the time I got there- just worn out, you know. The next morning I got up in time to drive to Atlanta (remembering the change from Central to Eastern time!) and then met Darrell at the Fox Theatre to see Shrek the Third at the Fox Family Film Festival. It was fun. I only slept through about a third of it, which for me, is typical, regardless of driving 12 hours in two days and working a 10 hour festival! After we got home from the movie, I took about a two hour nap, was up for about three hours and then got a good night’s sleep. So, I felt almost normal today!

Anyway, once again….there’s no place like home!!


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