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Camp Primo 2008

Camp Primo: Where cousins put Jesus first!

Here’s a sneak preview of this year’s camp. Soon, I’ll have on-the-scene photos and a full report of all the action! In the meantime, enjoy this slide show:

They were so excited to get started! Aren’t they cute in their Camp Primo shirts?

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I’m Still Alive!

A couple of days ago I was listening to the radio and just as I pushed the button to switch to another station, I happened to hear the guy on the air say something about “voodoo.” Just some obscure reference to something innocuous like “voodoo economics” or whatever. As I turned the station, the person speaking on the next station said- “It was just like voodoo!”

Well, when was the last time you’ve heard two people say “voodoo” in unrelated conversations at practically the same time? Hmmm…a little odd.

Around that same time, Darrell and I went out to eat. Three times during our meal, I put my knife on the edge of plate when it was not in use. Three times, it CLATTERED off my plate, seemingly without even being touched. A few minutes later as we finished our meals, the waitress came to pick up our plates and silver- ware. She stacked everything neatly and walked away. As she got a couple of tables away from us, I heard a loud CLATTER…and sure enough, my knife had fallen off my plate again. What are the chances of that?

Yet another crazy thing: I’m waiting to turn out onto the main road. A commercial on the radio was announcing a phone number. I happened to look at the license plate on the car in front of me and it had the same 4 numbers in sequence as the phone number announced on the commercial. Kinda spooky, huh?

Well, all that said, today was a very happy day in our family! Amanda found out she is carrying a baby BOY! Darrell had already said that as much as we love and adore our two little princesses, it would be really nice to have a pirate– and Amanda and Les complied. Then, I began to think about an obscure word being used almost simultaneously on two different radio stations, a clattering knife and some random numbers. For some reason it made me think of Amanda’s two children and my two children. Let’s think about this, shall we?

My first child, that would be Amanda, was obedient, quiet, eager to please, loved to read, even-keel in her emotions, could play independently and never, ever gave us a minute of trouble. I used to feel sorry for parents who couldn’t manage their own children. “What is wrong with those parents?” I used to wonder.

Amanda has that same basic child in her first born. Every adjective I used to describe Amanda can absolutely be used to describe our cutie-pie, Lydia.

My second child, however, was a delightful blend of fun, non-stop movement, lots of noise, mischievous, didn’t think obedience was all it was rumored to be, crazy funny boy, boy, boy. We even got him a t-shirt when he was 2 (I don’t recommend this to parents) that said: “Master of Disaster!

So, I guess what I am wondering after observing unrelated incidences with words, knives and numbers improbably in synch; if Amanda and I could happen to be in synch with our easy-going girls and her soon to be born baby boy…Could it be???

I can’t wait to find out. Hang on to your hats, ‘cuz we’re gonna have fun!!  

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Lydia had a fun Snowflake Party to celebrate her second birthday! Click here to see more of the celebration!


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Click here for behind-the-scenes details of this mission!

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Last night Papa and Grandmama took two Junior Secret Agents, Lydia and Nora, on a covert holiday operation (code name: Christmas Tree Lighting Party.) The name was changed of course to make sure the Junior Secret Agents’ parents would let them stay out after bed time!

While on mission, Jr. Secret Agent Lydia displayed a previously hidden talent: Photo Surveillance. Here is an amazing collection of undercover pictures Lydia took to chronicle our mission every step of the way.

First of all, the covert operation was underwritten by the money in Grandmama’s purse:



Here you will notice that Lydia’s photos established our surroundings for any future reports we may need to file. Of course, she masked the actual location so we would not be spotted while on our holiday mission:



Lydia was drawn especially to various articles of furniture. She thought there was a possibility of hidden clues. She and her partner, Nora, took turns arranging the furniture to make sure nothing was overlooked:


As you can see, the junior agents were very thorough, especially in their chair investigation:

During the evening, Lydia wisely took a photo of a suspicious cup so we could bring it back to the lab to dust for fingerprints. 



She also took care to document the participants in the holiday operation. Of course, I can only use Lydia’s code names here so as to not fully identify any of the Secret Agents. First, there is Gamama:



Next is Lydia herself. Very sneaky how she never fully photographs her own face!



Several pictures of her junior agent partner, Nowa:



Finally of course, the Senior Agent himself, Papa:



Due to confidentiality agreements among all four agents, I cannot reveal the results of our holiday mission at this time. However, check back after 12.25 and mission results will be revealed. Good job for this thorough photo report, Agent Lydia!!

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We recently visited the Center for Puppetry Arts in downtown Atlanta. It’s been forever since I’ve been there, even though I am so into puppet ministry and have directed teams for years and years.

It was really fun, professional and something I want to go to again, soon! We saw “Winnie-the-Pooh”which was done with a dark stage atmosphere in which puppeteers, dressed in black, were hidden from view. They brought their puppets into narrowly focused areas of light, causing them to look surprisingly life-like. Additionally, puppeteers used their own voices, live- and did a tremendous job! I thoroughly enjoyed their presentation.

One of the main reasons I wanted to see this specific show is our friend, Raymond Carr, was one of the puppeteers. He brought Christopher Robin and Rabbit to life in the program. He was awesome! Afterwards, Raymond took us on a backstage tour which was very fun and interesting. One thing I could tell is they had a place for every prop and puppet, which certainly contributed to the smoothness of the production.

Raymond is pictured second from the left. Click here and then scroll to page four to see more about Raymond.

Immediately after I flashed my camera to get this picture, an usher and his flashlight was completely in my face telling me to put down my camera. I didn’t know pictures couldn’t be taken- and the show was obviously over, for goodness sakes! Oh well. I’ll know next time.

We also went through the Jim Henson: Puppeteer exhibit which was very interesting, especially the video retrospect featuring some of Jim’s shows; showcasing his incredible creativity and groundbreaking family entertainment ideas. We also walked through the permanent exhibit, Puppets: The Power of Wonder. I remembered that sometimes people consider puppets to be kind of scary and weird- and some of these definitely were:

Look at the faces of my family in these shots:

You wouldn’t really think they were looking at this animatronic puppet, would you?


A surprisingly fun part of admittance to the Center is a “Create-A-Puppet Workshop.” Each one of us, from the adults in our group, right down to the little-bitty kids made a Winnie the Pooh (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) puppet. Here’s mine. He’s lovely isn’t he? I know you could tell right off the bat that he is Winnie-The-Pooh.

The fun part was that they had a one-level stage set up so you could perform “onstage” with your own puppet (like I would be doing that!!) But Nora and Lydia, who are already seasoned puppeteers, loved it! They were sooooo cute!

Anyway, I highly recommend the Center for Puppetry Arts. Raymond also said to not miss the upcoming show: Duke Ellington’s Cat. It is a blacklight puppetry show debuting on January 10, 2008. Let me know if you want to go!!

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