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I love traveling in the Midwest. I just love the wide open spaces, the farmland and the prairies. I think it’s really pretty and it’s also very soothing to me. Something about being able to see so far. Here are just a couple of shots around Bourbonnais where I-Fest was held:


I noticed some very interesting church and school signs in the Bourbannais area as well:

Don’t you just want to visit there this Sunday?

Just in case it’s not clear, this is the sign for the Catholic elementary school in Bourbonnais. The full name is actually Maternity Blessed Virgin Mother Catholic Elementary. It is directly next door to the Maternity B.V.M. Catholic Church, which is conveniently situated across the steet from the Maternity B.V.M. Catholic Credit Union. What a name!

Back to I-Fest. The International Festival of Christian Puppetry and Ventriloquism is truly international. There were many international attendees at the conference. Here are a few:

This is a couple from Japan who do puppetry, ventriloquism and drama.

This is Andrew and Violet Goh from Thailand. Andrew is a “balloonatic” who is demonstrating how the Gospel is spreading throughout Thailand among the children.

Here is a quick shot of a song that a Taiwanese team was presenting. Notice their signs.

God is busy all over the world. This week allowed us just a glimpse!

PS- I fell asleep posting the previous I-Fest article. I straightened it all out and added a bit to it in case you’re interested!



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