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Why is Jack so crazy in the flash-forward when he meets Kate at the airport? What is causing his steep decline?In the post-rescue courtroom scenes, he seems sane, in control…normal (albeit a liar!) Well, something recently popped into my mind from 25 years ago!

These recent Lost episodes bear a striking resemblance to elements of the final episode of the long-running TV series, M*A*S*H. Hawkeye, the main character in M*A*S*H has left his MASH unit for some psychiatric treatment (rescued from the island, so-to-speak) and begins to recount some of the events that transpired as the soldiers heard the end of the war was in sight. He evidently has had some trouble emotionally and so his memories and experiences are actually being told to a psychiatrist (seems like Jack could use one, too.) Read what happens as Hawkeye’s suppressed memories begin to surface:

The (MASH) finale starts during the waning days of the war at an unfamiliar hospital, in Ward D; it is revealed as a mental hospital. Captain Hawkeye Pierce(Alan Alda) is inside being treated by Dr. Sidney Freedman(Allan Arbus). As time progresses, Freedman is able to force him to recall the events that led up to his breakdown.

In the first memory that Hawkeye recalls, he is on a bus ride back to the 4077th after a day of partying at the beaches of Incheon during the 4th of July holiday, and is drunk and jovial on the bus, shouting for a bottle of whiskey to be passed to the back of the bus for someone who “can’t wait.” However, as time progresses in his treatment, he is able to recall memories which he repressed; in his next recollection of the story, the person who “can’t wait” is revealed to be one of a group of wounded soldiers brought onto the bus, as Hawkeye calls frantically for a bottle of plasma.

The bus then picks up a group of Korean refugees, followed later by more wounded soldiers who warn of an enemy patrol coming in their direction; the bus is taken off the road and the soldiers tell everyone to stay quiet so the patrol doesn’t hear them and kill them. Hawkeye recalls a woman holding a chicken that wouldn’t stay quiet and thus put everyone in danger. In his final recollection Hawkeye remembers that he went to tell the woman to “keep that damn chicken quiet.” As he remembers the chicken ceasing its clucking, Hawkeye begins to break down in sobs. A confused Sidney wonders why he is being so emotional about a chicken, but Hawkeye finally remembers the true sequence of events: the woman had been holding not a chicken, but an infant, and had smothered her own child, leading to Hawkeye’s breakdown.

So, what I am specifically thinking about as I notice Jack’s reticence towards Aaron and then his eventual decline into some heavy drinking and erratic behavior- is that some repressed memories of the last moments on the island begin to resurface. Did our self-proclaimed Island Leader, Jack, have to make some hard calls that ended in Claire’s death maybe? Like Hawkeye, did Jack remember his actions as something heroic and suddenly the truth is revealing itself to him that he in fact caused death and destruction in the lives of those around him?

If there’s one thing I know, the writers of Lost love to reference classic works of literature and obscure science fiction writing. Most of all, however, it seems they love to throw back to old TV shows and and more recently, to time-travel movies (George McFly appearing as Daniel Faraday, anyone?)

Anyway, just some food for thought. I love L*O*S*T!


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Did you watch this week’s “Lost” episode; “The Constant?” They were very upfront with the date these events were taking place: December 24, 2004. Up to this point, the dates of this entire story has been somewhat obscured from viewers. However, I just happened to remember that the Southeast Asia tsunami happened around Christmas of, I thought, 2004. Sure enough, I checked it- and the tsunami did happen on December 26, 2004.


So….what could that possibly mean for our Losties on an island in the South Pacific two days before the tsunami? These next couple of episodes could be pretty interesting.

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Home Sweet Home

That trip to Minnesota was only 4 days and we were only actually there for 2 full days- but we sure did pack in the activity! A couple more random thoughts from our last day there:

We took two more classes at The Marsh- Vinyasa Yoga (yoga flow where you move from one position to the next without really stopping.) As soon as the instructor began, Amanda and I realized we were in an advanced class. Thank goodness, we have both done quite a bit of yoga- but only via videos or TV at home. The first class I have ever taken was the previous day- and that was more of a beginning class. Anyway, it was our favorite class- but I am still sore today (Saturday) from this Thursday morning class. The funny thing about it was we had to practice doing a head stand! And with the instructor’s help- I did it! Amanda did not try since she is pregnant. The end of the class was interesting too. As we lay in our last “pose” (flat on our backs with our eyes closed for about 10 minutes- love this pose!), our instructor walked around the room to each person and did a mini head massage on us with an aromatherapy scent to add to the relaxation. Loved it!

After that class, we finished up our whole Marsh experience with a Back Therapy water class back in the therapy pool. It was perfect. We followed that by a spa lunch and then off for a little more family scavenger hunt fun.

We found the house my grandmother lived in the 1940s in north Minneapolis. I had never been to it before. We found it by the notation Grandma had written on the back of the photo: 24th and Emerson St. N. Click here to see the photo. Sure enough, it was a very old neighborhood, looking very much like it must have looked during WWII. The houses were nice, but not completely restored- just decent. It was very interesting to think of my grandmother as a young woman with her young children walking up and down in that same area nearly 65 years ago. Amanda and I loved the adventure of being in a strange city and finding a piece of family history.

Well, of course we took too long looking for Grandma’s former house, so we were very, very late in arriving at the airport. Not to mention we got a bit turned around on our way there. But by a complete miracle of the Lord, the plane was late in departing- and we made it! Even in our hurry, though, we had to pull off the side of an exit ramp to take a picture of another “famous person sighting:”

Lots of further delays in our flight so by the time that entire day of travel was over, including getting Amanda to her house- it was 12:15 AM before I got home. However, I was still kind of in Central Time- so I decided to watch LOST, which I had missed during all my travels that night. I could fill up a whole blog just about that one episode, but I’ll leave it with two of my favorite lines:

Hurley (to Kate:) “You just totally Scooby Doo’d me, didn’t you?

John (to Miles:) “I’m John Locke and I’m responsible for the well-being of this island.” I’d love to have the t-shirt of that line!

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A Little Teaser

Sayid, Bernard and Desmond…with Juliet peeking around the stagehand to the right. And the plane…

We have to wait until February?????

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Hey, I just found out that this blog is #29 on the WordPress “Growing Blogs” list. That is funny to me! 29 is great when it’s your age! But it sounds kind of far down a list. 

However, 29 is also a prime number (a Sophie Germaine prime, Lucas prime and a tetranacci number, for our information.) What a minute did I say tetranacci number? It seems that a tetranacci number is in someway related to a fibonacci number. And here it comes…Fibonacci is the same name of the school that the professor who created the Valenzetti Equation attended early in his life; the Fibonacci State Institute of Advanced Sciences. 

And so what, you ask? So what??!! The Valenzetti equation is THE NUMBERS!! The famous/infamous numbers at the heart of the mystery on Lost: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.

Somehow, my #29 ranking relates to the Valenzetti equation and my fave show, maybe of all time **sigh, I miss it**: Lost!

Hey, I kind of like being in 29th place!!

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Considering this was an extremely hectic, long ministry day, any stray moment my mind has had free has turned back to last night’s “Lost” finale!! Since I got home tonight, I think I have read 90% of the message boards & blogs out there. Some CRAAZZY theories- but lots of stuff to think about as well.

First of all, I don’t know if I’ve ever been more intrigued by a show than “Lost.” There have been some “dips” of course, but over all, the writing has been well-organized and the writers are so careful to pick up the stray ends…when they need to. But on to last night’s finale:

Well, I liked it. I felt satisfied by it. I love that somebody actually gets rescued in a TV show for once. I wanted the folks on Gilligan’s Island* to get rescued. How about the Planet of the Apes*? Never much satisfaction there. And the Robinsons in Lost in Space*– I guess they’re still out there flying around somewhere. And the Land of the Giants*?? I think it just went off the air with no answers.

Lost, however is different. It’s fresh…it’s serious. And it’s well thought out. It makes me think. It’s kind of funny sometimes. And it’s a little bit scary.

I know there are tons of theories swirling around out there and I think most of them have probably got a handle on some of the truth that will eventually be revealed. But here’s some of what I like about the tidbits we got from this season’s finale episode:

~I had gotten so sick of Jack, Jack, Jack. No one on that island could lift a finger unless they checked with Jack. Well, because he always has to forge ahead, never checks with anyone else about a decision, won’t ever listen to reason- especially from Locke who has been proven to be intelligent and have thoughtful opinions- he evidently got them “rescued”- but accompanied by some difficult circumstances and with some heavy consequences- at least for him. And you know what? It doesn’t really bother me. I feel sorry for disheveled, intoxicated, fakey-looking bearded Jack- but I kind of feel like he deserves it.

~Kate seems OK. At least she’s not serving time. And she was driving a good-looking car. She also looks like she’s been to the spa, gotten some facials, had her makeup done and is in a decent relationship. Good for her. We’ll see as next season unfolds- but I have never really liked her and Jack together. I don’t know why- but they just don’t seem to fit.

~I loved the symbolism of Danielle and Alex “tying up” the past as they bound Ben. And what a sweet moment as Rosseau realizes she is seeing and then touching her daughter’s face for the first time.

~Hugo Hurley. I loved the “redemption.” No longer the unlucky, nobody-needs-me guy. Cool scene with the van and that Other tumbling head over heels in the wake of Hurley’s van. And his walkie message:  Others! Come in Others! Classic Hurley.

~I loved Charlie in this episode and the previous one as well. And up to this point- he was my LEAST favorite by far. As soon as I realized in the second episode or so that he was a heroin addict- I had no more interest in him. I have worked in ministry with heroin addicts and they are nothing to fool around with, I can tell you that much. However, what a selfless, truly loving act he committed by literally giving his life for those he loved and cared about. And not just for Claire and Aaron. I mean, even getting out his Sharpie to write a final, possibly life-saving message for Desmond to see! He shot up high on my Like-O-Meter. Wouldn’t you know he had to die? Or did he? We’ll see.

~I really think Jack’s dad is still alive. Not only because of Jack’s comments- but it ties in with the empty coffin. I know Jack was a blubbering idiot when he was referring to his dad in the finale- and I know the body probably just fell out of the coffin- but I also know those writers make every comment and every scene count in laying out their story. So again- we’ll see.

~ For the most part, I have enjoyed the flashback device during these past three seasons. But the genius/brilliance of now having flashforward to post-rescue life and probably flashbacks to the island to fill in rescue details is truly inspired. We’re never going to know where we are on the “time line continuum.” I love it!

~We are not done on the island. I think it will take the rest of the 48 episodes to get the Losties and whoever else- off the island and see some basic details of their “new/revised” lives. I’m sure there will be a lot of back and forth from “now” to “then.” Hopefully the next three seasons will be as well thought out and presented as the first three seasons.

~I was so happy Sayid, Jin and Bernard weren’t killed.

~I thought the whole Looking Glass experience was interesting. I felt like the allusion to Alice Through the Looking Glass would take us to a new, parallel, backward, different reality for the show as it did for Alice in her story- and I was not disappointed. However- what’s the deal with Penny? Has she been sitting at her computer this whole time hoping someone was going to transmit a message to her? Weird.

~I can’t help it- I was glad when Sawyer killed Tom. (hmmm…Tom…Sawyer??) It’s funny, because overall, I kind of liked Tom. He sort of provided a mix of Hurley and Sawyer in the Others’ camp (a little humor mixed with caustic sarcasm sometimes.) However, the reason I was glad for Saywer’s action goes back to the Season One finale. When that horrible sea captain (Tom, in disguise) ripped Walt off that raft, right out from under his dad- that scene haunted me for a long, long time. I can’t tell you how many times I rewound that scene, going over it image by image. I think in the end, Tom got what he deserved. I also think Sawyer keenly identified with a little boy’s terror of being “lost” from his parents, seemingly forever- because he had been through it too.

~I hate to have to wait until February 2008 for more- but in the meantime, there’s lots to think about and I basically feel pretty satisfied with the ample answers, clever clues and tantalizing tidbits they threw at us last night.

We’ll see!!

**BTW- if any of these shows did have rescues, I never saw them. Let me know if you did!

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Gulp…I’m going to have to watch it again. **shiver**

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