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I love getting a chance to see a famous person…and I’ve sure had my brushes with them in these last couple of weeks. Wait until you see this fabulous collection. I’m sure you will be jealous! Here goes…

Governor Sonny Perdue (I was pretty close to him, wasn’t I? Also right next to the guy with the 5 foot long camera lens!)

Mike Huckabee and me!

Andrew Young, former aide to Martin Luther King, former ambassador to the UN during Pres. Jimmy Carter’s administration, former Mayor of Atlanta who brought the Olympics here in 1996 was also the guest speaker at the opening service of the Global Impact Celebration at Roswell United Methodist Church. I was impressed by his genuine relationship with the Lord. He is also living history and I could have listened to him all night. Many of his stories centered in on the influence missionaries have had on the lives of current world leaders. He told story after story of missionaries who would sacrifice to send gifted and bright local children to schools in the United States for opportunities they could never hope to obtain in their own 3rd world countries. Many of the leaders of which he spoke are now at the head of countries who are enemies or at least very cool in their relationships with the U.S. However, many of them speak warmly of the people of our country because of the love and nurture Christian missionaries showed to them. Very interesting, I think, to hear of the great influence missionaries around the world have in shaping future leaders in remote places.

Here I am with the Chick-Fil-A cow!

And five minutes later, I got my picture taken with another notable person: Pastor Mike Long of RUMC. He is very kind and warm. Why do I always have such a weird look on my face when I smile really big? Oh well.

On our way to the Montgomery Puppet Festival, we drove right alongside John McCain’s bus and satellite truck. I don’t know if he was in the bus at that moment or not. However, he had been all over the local news that day because he was campaigning throughout Georgia. I think he was probably in the back taking a nap!

They may not be famous to anyone else, but the New, Gold-medal winning M&M Puppeteers sure were famous at the Puppet Festival! Here we are with our trophy.


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Tonight was our second week of practice. You can tell these are little girls! We have six 5th and 6th graders and one 9th grader (don’t ask!) Here are a couple of photos from the first practice. Seasoned puppeteers- you can see we made “eyeballs” for practice. We’ve used them, as well as real puppets both weeks- and Julie and I think we can already see a little improvement! The girls are really excited- and we’ve got big plans to prepare and present a song in Kids Club a month from now. It’s going to be a fun process, we hope!

We do have some “eye contact” problems, as you can see!

      Our big topic of discussion tonight was changing the meaning of “M&M Puppeteers.”  We’ve done it once before in our team’s history. It seems like the right time to do it again. We’ve got a few ideas for the “M” words:


 Manos (Spanish for hands)



I like keeping the word “master” in our name, based on continuing to use Colossians 3:23-24 as one of our key verses:

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.

What do you think? Any suggestions?



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There were so many good parts of our M&M Puppeteers 20 year reunion last week. Here are a few of my favorites:

M&Ms oldthe dinner and the cute M&M memorabilia

M&Ms oldwatching old videos of puppeteers in action

M&Ms oldour awesome performance (which we didn’t video…however, five different groups came to me afterwards and said they did and would send it to me. If they do, I’ll post parts of it.)

M&Ms oldformer puppeteers (now adults)and parents attending our performance

M&Ms oldthe standing ovation by the crowd at the end of the performance….not because we were so awesome, but in acknowledgment of 20 years of ministry.

DSC09605.jpg Our Standing Ovation! picture by mmpuppeteers

M&Ms oldthe commitment of our reunion team

There’s lots more. But this event and everything surrounding it will be one of my lifetime treasured memories. Thank you everyone who participated in any way. You’re the best.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures in no particular order:

Some of our awards and certificates through the years.

Cute M&M table setting, thanks to our dinner committee!

Some of the dinner committee!

Dale VonSeggen (and me.)

DSC09474.jpg Julie & Jeana filming for the performance. picture by mmpuppeteers

The Doublemint Twins: Julie and Jeana shooting one of our video segments.

DSC09568.jpg Jason & Michael. Still the same after all these years... picture by mmpuppeteers


DSC09580.jpg Vicki's myspace pic. picture by mmpuppeteers

Vicki: the host and star of our show!


Some behind-the-stage shots:

DSC09587.jpg Bob & Vicki picture by mmpuppeteers

DSC09601.jpg Stage Left Puppeteers! picture by mmpuppeteers

DSC09603.jpg Awesome God picture by mmpuppeteers

Some of our former puppeteers, all grown up with their children!

DSC09606.jpg Moms & Babies! picture by mmpuppeteers

This is a cute one to end on! Kristen, also part of the dinner committee, is tickled and horrified at seeing her 7th grade puppeteer self on a video! Isn’t she cute??

DSC09621.jpg kristen laughing at herself on a video picture by mmpuppeteers

I loved it all!

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Once upon a time, there was a team called the M&M Puppeteers. We traveled, we ministered, we competed at Puppet Festival competitions, we served in Children’s Church, local community outreach centers and even on missions trips to foreign countries. And we started all of that 20 YEARS AGO! This season, we decided to put together an M&M Puppeteer 20 Year Anniversary Reunion event that turned out to be just the best!

We first met at the end of July this year to see if we had enough former and current puppeteers interested in getting back together to do this special event. Once we did, we began inviting the 80+ people who have served on this team over the past twenty years. See our MySpace for some details and pictures. Then, we began practicing, weekly for 8 weeks to get a fun, M&M-elicious, 25 minute program together for the One Way Street Atlanta Puppet Festival. Here are a couple of practice photos:

As you can see, you must nearly be a contortionist to perform as a good puppeteer. In these photos, we were videotaping a scene for a segment between two of our puppet songs.

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It’s been over a week since I even opened this blog. I have been busy, busy, busy. Not at home much. And my brain has been too full! So, to catch up, here’s an alphabetical list of some of the stuff I’ve been doing!!

Amanda- she constantly “saves my neck”; as in performing with her puppet Vicki to lead into my devotion at the conference (see “V” and “D”) Also as in serving on a Family in Ministry panel with me.

Birthday, as in Jason’s 27th!

Coaching and Consulting by Ministry Ventures

Devotions at the conference (see “N”)

Excitement! The new TV season is coming up. Watched my first shows of the season- Prison Break. It was a little stronger than I was expecting! And Biggest Loser. I liked it!

Flex Points have now been expanded to PowerFlex- new test program at my Weight Watchers center. Sounds interesting.

Gazillion- the number of e-mails sent back and forth this week in preparation for the conference (see “N”)

Homework from my non-profit coach/consultant- and it’s hard! (see “C”)

IRS: They’re waiting for me to submit names of new SqPeg board members. I’m waiting to hear back from a couple more potential members first!

Jason- the birthday boy! (see “B”) 9-16

Kids Club- I missed it this week due to the conference (see “N”) Jason, Brandy, Kristen    and Julie held down the fort just fine, though! Jonathan, too, I heard.

Lunch with Meredith and Kristen. They forgot to seat Meredith!!! Also lunch with Brenda- long time no see!!

M&M Puppeteers: practice and upcoming reunion dinner and 20th Anniversary performance!

North Georgia Church of God Children’s Leaders Conference. I serve on the conference committee, taught two classes- both new to me- operated two booths; SqPeg and One Way Street and moderated one of the General Sessions. Thanks Amanda, Staci, Kristen, Darrell, Jason, Brandy, Jonathan, Julie and committee!

Oh my goodness. What were getting ourselves into with the M&M Puppeteer reunion performance??

Puppet props, costumes, choregraphy and practice


Red Lobster- yummy lunch (see “L”)

Shopping for props, costumes and supplies (see “P”)

Tutoring and Homework Help at our SqPeg ministry apartment


Vicki- she is too funny! (see “A”)

Weight Watchers- Yes, I’m back at it. I’ve lost 6 pounds this month!


Yamato- where we celebrated Jason’s birthday- Good idea, Brandy! (see “B”)

Zooming around (see every letter above)

Somehow, Nora and Lydia didn’t make this list- but not because they shouldn’t have! Lydia and I have been doing lots of “puppets.” And Nora is my partner at Tutoring/Homework Help each week. They make my day, week, month, year, life- regardless of what letter of the alphabet they fit into!!

*I’m sure something happened as related to these letters, too….

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I mean, M&Ms doing puppets?! I had to add this to my blog, especially in light of the M&M Puppeteers 20th Anniversary!

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