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I’ve been at the Indianapolis Puppet Festival for the last couple of days. It was a good weekend of sharing, teaching and inspiration- rubbing shoulders with people who are serving God with creative means mostly with puppets. I judged two competitions, taught three workshops, helped to close the conference with a devotional thought and prayer time and worked the sales table in between. It’s always good to see and re-connect with puppetry and ministry friends at the festivals!

Right now I’m sitting in the Indianapolis airport. It’s early in the morning and it’s just starting to come alive. In watching people come and go, the interesting thing this entire weekend- and today in the airport is no exception- is the Future Farmers of America. Their annual conference or gathering of some sort was also this weekend in Indianapolis; causing us to have to stay in an out of the way hotel that was not exactly my top choice of lodging- because their group had practically sold out the entire city. They said 60,000 people gathered here this weekend for this event. I didn’t kow FFA was such a big thing! Anyway, from what I’ve observed, an FFA member can be readily identified by their patch-laden, embroidered, navy blue codouroy, bomber-style jacket- worn by both males and females. Also for boys, cowboy boots seems to be the footwear of choice. Interestingly, however, is the wholesome, down-to-earth persona the kids exude. It kind of makes me hopeful about America if the FFA kids represent the heartland, the mainstream of America.

 Traveling is good. It allows you to see and experience something outside your normal view and remember that it’s a great big world out there.

In the meantime, though, I can’t wait to get home….

I just searched out FFA online- and I am impressed by their standards, their organization and the leadership possibilities for kids. However, their dress code is kind of quaint. I guess that’s why they stand out in a crowd, literally!


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