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On television, it was the end of some TV shows: Dance Fever, The A Team, Remington Steele, Fraggle Rock and Welcome to Pooh Corner all went off the air in 1987. Oh well.

On the other hand, TV exec’s had some new shows to introduce in 1987: TeenAge Mutant Ninja Turtles, Colby’s Clubhouse and Ducktales were some of them.

But most notably, in my mind, anyway, 1987 is the year Live with Regis and Kathie Lee went nationwide. Not long after, I became a “hooked” viewer and have basically watched it ever since- especially since we’ve had TiVO! Of course, Kathie Lee left the show after 15 years. I absolutely hated it when she did. However, her replacement Kelly, has been great- and I love her on the show as well. I kind of enjoyed Kathie Lee a little better. She and I are more in the same age group- and she is a believer- but Kelly is funny and down-to-earth. The glue that holds it all together anyway, is Regis.  As long as he is there, any co-host will shine! The big news is that as part of the 20 year anniversary, Kathie Lee will return as a guest on September 14. I’m really excited- it will be fun to see her with Regis again. Plus, starting September 4, Live with Regis and Kelly is giving away 20 mini-vans in 20 days as part of the 20 Year celebration. Not bad!

Here are some pictures of Regis (and his lovely wife, Joy):


However, there is a bigger 20 year anniversary than Live with Regis and Kelly. It’s the 20 year anniversary of the M&M Puppeteers!! You’ve not heard of them, you say? Well, this is a team of people with a common goal of expanding God’s Kingdom using puppets. And have we done that! It’s been a long, fruitful and fun 20 years. And we’re celebrating with a reunion dinner as well as an anniversary performance at the Atlanta Puppet Festival. Check here  for more info.

Hey, we’re not giving away 20 minivans- but everyone who gets involved will for sure get some M&Ms! Here’s some M&Ms fun for you right now!!


This is an M&M commercial from about 20 years ago. It’s a good thing they’ve hired some new ad designers, don’t you think?


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I’m copying this from Amanda and Staci.  I always think about what I will do when I’m on a reality show (or even in a studio audience or for that matter- any show). So their blogs got me thinking:
1. If I were on The Amazing Race, my partner and I would win!

2. If I were on Survivor, I probably would get kicked off first. Too bossy.

3. If I were on Little People, Big World, I would be the tallest one on the show and I’m only 5’4″.

4. If I were on The Contender, well… I wouldn’t be.

5. If I were on 24, I would speak in a normal tone of  voice.

6. If I were in the audience of Live with Regis and Kelly, I would be the one to whom Regis would say something like- “Hey Lady- got a minute?” But he would come out into the audience on a break and pose for a picture with me.

7. If I were on Lost, I would not go walking around in the woods by myself.

8. If I were on my own TV show, well, I would really like it!!

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