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Well, this week I got caught by “The Amazing Race”-comes-on-after-“60 Minutes” crazy scheduling thing CBS does. In other words, the show starts at an off-time due to sports programs before “60 Minutes” running overtime which causes the rest of the evening schedule to be off in time as well. In order to watch the full episode of TAR, I have to make sure to TiVo “Cold Case”, as well. Well, I thought I had done that- but evidently not, because our episode ended right as Christina and Ron narrowly escaped elimination by stepping onto the mat in 9th place. In reading the recap on cbs.com, the article affirmed that, as I thought, poor old Kate and Pat straggled up to the mat in last place and were promptly elimated from the race. Good. I just didn’t like thinking about their relationship, especially in light of the fact that they are “Married Ministers” in the Episcopal Church. And they each have their own children and/or grand-children. TMI for me.


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One of my top favorite shows is The Amazing Race. It started its new season…a little ahead of schedule, too…last night. The only unfortunate thing about watching The Amazing Race, is I should actually be running it with one of my two potential partners, Amanda or Staci. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here is a clip from the premier episode last night that shows the goofiness of some of this season’s contestants. My favorite little part is on the time counter from about -3.25 to -2.48. This couple, Nathan and Jennifer, has absolutely no idea what they’re doing. When the donkey is braying (basically saying- Would you people please get away from me?) and Nathan puts his hands up to his cheeks- that is priceless.

I hope they’re out of this soon. I already can’t take much more of them. 


For those of you who are watching the show, I would love to see the grandfather/grandson duo of Nicholas and Donald do well. However, the pair that I think really has a chance to win (they came in first last night) is the brother/sister duo of Azaria and Hendekea (what were their parents thinking of?) I wouldn’t mind seeing them step on the mat first at the end of the race. We’ll see what happens in the upcoming weeks.

Staci- If we had done this episode, you would have had to pedaled that bike. It was up so high!!

Amanda-I know you would have loved working with that donkey, you love animals so much!

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Way back in about 1975, TV Guide had a subtitle on its cover that asked the question, Pay TV?  This was a new thing we were starting to hear a little rumble about, but we sure didn’t know what it meant. I remember scoffing to my husband, “Pay TV? What are they going to do, make us put a quarter in our TV? ha-ha-ha-ha!” Like we would ever do that, my tone implied.

Oh brother, I am laughing at myself right now! Fast forward all these many years later to Home Technology 2007. I love all the outstanding conveniences we have related to communication, connection, entertainment and business, but listen to what it took for us to watch Episode 1 , Season 1 of Heroes the other night:

TV: nothing new there- well maybe outside of the fact that TVs are now flat screen, hanging on our walls like a valuable painting, high defintion and bigger than ever.

TiVo: oh our TiVo…I love it. I hate to admit it in one way, but I do watch more TV now than before TiVO. However, now we get to watch shows that are specifically geared to our interests. Darrell loves old black and white movies. He gets his fill on AMC. I like talk shows, news shows and reality shows. As you know, there is no end to the number of shows of those genres..and now I can walk up to that TV smorgasboard anytime I want and fill my plate or just take a sampling, depending on my schedule, interest and desires.

So…back to Heroes. Let me clarify:

What’s really needed is TiVo Series 2 and a link to Amazon Unbox. Oh, um, you actually also need to add a home network with broadband cable which of course also requires a modem and router, home computer as well as a wireless TiVo adapter. And then of course, you must find the shows either through the TiVo menus or the Amazon menus on your (laptop) computer. After locating the show, you must choose it, then find your debit card (also not available in 1975) and in my case, also find my glasses which were also not needed in 1975, in order to read all the debit card numbers needed to input to pay for the show. We’re finally at the point we can download the show- and soon we will catch up with everyone else who has raved about Heroes.

Well, after running a few rabbit trails, we eventually got all this stuff accomplished and actually watched the episode in which we were interested. And we liked it, we really liked it!

Now to the point of my story. In the midst of all my clicking and looking and downloading and our waiting, Darrell drolly said to me, “Wouldn’t putting in a quarter have been a lot easier??”

I guess he’s got a point there.

Hey, in case you’re interested, a preview for Heroes. Hmmmm, I think this might be good!

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On television, it was the end of some TV shows: Dance Fever, The A Team, Remington Steele, Fraggle Rock and Welcome to Pooh Corner all went off the air in 1987. Oh well.

On the other hand, TV exec’s had some new shows to introduce in 1987: TeenAge Mutant Ninja Turtles, Colby’s Clubhouse and Ducktales were some of them.

But most notably, in my mind, anyway, 1987 is the year Live with Regis and Kathie Lee went nationwide. Not long after, I became a “hooked” viewer and have basically watched it ever since- especially since we’ve had TiVO! Of course, Kathie Lee left the show after 15 years. I absolutely hated it when she did. However, her replacement Kelly, has been great- and I love her on the show as well. I kind of enjoyed Kathie Lee a little better. She and I are more in the same age group- and she is a believer- but Kelly is funny and down-to-earth. The glue that holds it all together anyway, is Regis.  As long as he is there, any co-host will shine! The big news is that as part of the 20 year anniversary, Kathie Lee will return as a guest on September 14. I’m really excited- it will be fun to see her with Regis again. Plus, starting September 4, Live with Regis and Kelly is giving away 20 mini-vans in 20 days as part of the 20 Year celebration. Not bad!

Here are some pictures of Regis (and his lovely wife, Joy):


However, there is a bigger 20 year anniversary than Live with Regis and Kelly. It’s the 20 year anniversary of the M&M Puppeteers!! You’ve not heard of them, you say? Well, this is a team of people with a common goal of expanding God’s Kingdom using puppets. And have we done that! It’s been a long, fruitful and fun 20 years. And we’re celebrating with a reunion dinner as well as an anniversary performance at the Atlanta Puppet Festival. Check here  for more info.

Hey, we’re not giving away 20 minivans- but everyone who gets involved will for sure get some M&Ms! Here’s some M&Ms fun for you right now!!


This is an M&M commercial from about 20 years ago. It’s a good thing they’ve hired some new ad designers, don’t you think?

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Highlights from the Last Show!!

Did you get to watch the show? If not, this highlights video will give you a little peek into all the excitement. Especially watch the first two minutes or so to see the crowd’s over-the-top excitement!! It was a great episode all the way around:

I especially liked:

     ~the big guy from Canada falling straight down on the floor when he got into the   aisle- but he didn’t miss a beat; he was thrilled when his name was called to “Come on down!”

     ~the guy with the “Bob is #1” shirt- who had waited on the sidewalk for FIVE days to get into the show; and onstage! He made it to the final showcase but didn’t win.

     ~the girl who did win the final showcase- you could tell she’s watched The PiR a couple of times- she knew her prices, knew how to play those games and she was even mouthing Bob’s words- she knew it all!

     ~And of course, Bob’s famous last words of each show in honor of his late wife’s passion: “Help control the animal population, spay and neuter your pets!”

My dh and I got to be in the studio audience once. It was really fun. It was back during the time that Johnny Olsen was the announcer and we sat directly next to his announcer stand and got to observe what he was doing all during the show. Neither of us got called onstage. I did see us a bit in the audience when we saw the show on TV a few weeks later, though. We realized then that the last contestant called up to contestant’s row had been several people ahead of us in line outside the studio when they choose that day’s contestants. In other words, they had already chosen their last contestant before they even got to us. Otherwise, I’m SURE I would have been called up onstage!!

Anyway, I am so glad I TiVo’d the last episode. I loved it. I always have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I see a celebration or event that marks passage of time like a graduation or the end of an era like Bob’s momentous last show of a 35 year career.

But you know what got me the most caught up in that last show? The audience’s enthusiasm for and focused attention on Bob Barker. And rightfully so; Bob is a big deal- especially on this last momentous episode. You know the audiences are always excited, anyway. When that music starts and those cameras pan the audience, you can feel the excitement in the retired grandmothers with the “I Want to Kiss Bob” sweatshirts or the college students with the “I Skipped Class to Meet Bob” emblazoned on their shirts; or the women who have to kiss and hug Bob and won’t let go; or like the lady I saw once who was nearly swooning when she got onstage. She fell to her knees and began bowing up and down to indicate her adoration of Bob Barker. It’s all a lot of fun- and I can tell you if I had been in that studio audience- especially on this last episode after waiting 3 to 5 days on the sidewalk- I would have been hysterically crazy myself. I mean, it’s history, it’s Bob Barker- it’s money!!!

 But the lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes went beyond Bob and the show. I began to think about that focused attention the audience had on the object of their adoration: Bob. And I began to feel that there was a parallel here.

You know the desired object of my adoration is not a person I can see onstage like Bob, or even my husband or my kids or my too-cute-for-words granddaughters. The “object” of my adoration, on whom I have focused the attention of my life, is the one whose name I want to make famous and enthusiastically jump and down for: Jesus Christ! I can’t imagine the scene in heaven when HE walks out from behind that curtain that has separated me from Him all these years. When I see Him and can finally fully express myself to Him and run into His arms and bow at His feet and kiss His cheeks….and then to realize that this life with Jesus in heaven doesn’t end like Bob’s run on daytime TV- and that all this waiting on the sidewalk of life and entering into the studio of heaven and finding the prize of the mansion he’s been getting ready for me…that’s kind of what my heart was feeling as I saw the enthusiasm of The PiR crowd. I guess it kind of made my heart homesick for heaven and more anxious than ever to hear words something like: Cindy Hunnicutt- come on up!!

In the meantime though: Congratulations on 35 wonderful years, Bob Barker! I’ve always loved watching your show.

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Considering this was an extremely hectic, long ministry day, any stray moment my mind has had free has turned back to last night’s “Lost” finale!! Since I got home tonight, I think I have read 90% of the message boards & blogs out there. Some CRAAZZY theories- but lots of stuff to think about as well.

First of all, I don’t know if I’ve ever been more intrigued by a show than “Lost.” There have been some “dips” of course, but over all, the writing has been well-organized and the writers are so careful to pick up the stray ends…when they need to. But on to last night’s finale:

Well, I liked it. I felt satisfied by it. I love that somebody actually gets rescued in a TV show for once. I wanted the folks on Gilligan’s Island* to get rescued. How about the Planet of the Apes*? Never much satisfaction there. And the Robinsons in Lost in Space*– I guess they’re still out there flying around somewhere. And the Land of the Giants*?? I think it just went off the air with no answers.

Lost, however is different. It’s fresh…it’s serious. And it’s well thought out. It makes me think. It’s kind of funny sometimes. And it’s a little bit scary.

I know there are tons of theories swirling around out there and I think most of them have probably got a handle on some of the truth that will eventually be revealed. But here’s some of what I like about the tidbits we got from this season’s finale episode:

~I had gotten so sick of Jack, Jack, Jack. No one on that island could lift a finger unless they checked with Jack. Well, because he always has to forge ahead, never checks with anyone else about a decision, won’t ever listen to reason- especially from Locke who has been proven to be intelligent and have thoughtful opinions- he evidently got them “rescued”- but accompanied by some difficult circumstances and with some heavy consequences- at least for him. And you know what? It doesn’t really bother me. I feel sorry for disheveled, intoxicated, fakey-looking bearded Jack- but I kind of feel like he deserves it.

~Kate seems OK. At least she’s not serving time. And she was driving a good-looking car. She also looks like she’s been to the spa, gotten some facials, had her makeup done and is in a decent relationship. Good for her. We’ll see as next season unfolds- but I have never really liked her and Jack together. I don’t know why- but they just don’t seem to fit.

~I loved the symbolism of Danielle and Alex “tying up” the past as they bound Ben. And what a sweet moment as Rosseau realizes she is seeing and then touching her daughter’s face for the first time.

~Hugo Hurley. I loved the “redemption.” No longer the unlucky, nobody-needs-me guy. Cool scene with the van and that Other tumbling head over heels in the wake of Hurley’s van. And his walkie message:  Others! Come in Others! Classic Hurley.

~I loved Charlie in this episode and the previous one as well. And up to this point- he was my LEAST favorite by far. As soon as I realized in the second episode or so that he was a heroin addict- I had no more interest in him. I have worked in ministry with heroin addicts and they are nothing to fool around with, I can tell you that much. However, what a selfless, truly loving act he committed by literally giving his life for those he loved and cared about. And not just for Claire and Aaron. I mean, even getting out his Sharpie to write a final, possibly life-saving message for Desmond to see! He shot up high on my Like-O-Meter. Wouldn’t you know he had to die? Or did he? We’ll see.

~I really think Jack’s dad is still alive. Not only because of Jack’s comments- but it ties in with the empty coffin. I know Jack was a blubbering idiot when he was referring to his dad in the finale- and I know the body probably just fell out of the coffin- but I also know those writers make every comment and every scene count in laying out their story. So again- we’ll see.

~ For the most part, I have enjoyed the flashback device during these past three seasons. But the genius/brilliance of now having flashforward to post-rescue life and probably flashbacks to the island to fill in rescue details is truly inspired. We’re never going to know where we are on the “time line continuum.” I love it!

~We are not done on the island. I think it will take the rest of the 48 episodes to get the Losties and whoever else- off the island and see some basic details of their “new/revised” lives. I’m sure there will be a lot of back and forth from “now” to “then.” Hopefully the next three seasons will be as well thought out and presented as the first three seasons.

~I was so happy Sayid, Jin and Bernard weren’t killed.

~I thought the whole Looking Glass experience was interesting. I felt like the allusion to Alice Through the Looking Glass would take us to a new, parallel, backward, different reality for the show as it did for Alice in her story- and I was not disappointed. However- what’s the deal with Penny? Has she been sitting at her computer this whole time hoping someone was going to transmit a message to her? Weird.

~I can’t help it- I was glad when Sawyer killed Tom. (hmmm…Tom…Sawyer??) It’s funny, because overall, I kind of liked Tom. He sort of provided a mix of Hurley and Sawyer in the Others’ camp (a little humor mixed with caustic sarcasm sometimes.) However, the reason I was glad for Saywer’s action goes back to the Season One finale. When that horrible sea captain (Tom, in disguise) ripped Walt off that raft, right out from under his dad- that scene haunted me for a long, long time. I can’t tell you how many times I rewound that scene, going over it image by image. I think in the end, Tom got what he deserved. I also think Sawyer keenly identified with a little boy’s terror of being “lost” from his parents, seemingly forever- because he had been through it too.

~I hate to have to wait until February 2008 for more- but in the meantime, there’s lots to think about and I basically feel pretty satisfied with the ample answers, clever clues and tantalizing tidbits they threw at us last night.

We’ll see!!

**BTW- if any of these shows did have rescues, I never saw them. Let me know if you did!

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Yesterday I did something I would have never thought I would do: I walked and ran in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Atlantic Station in downtown Atlanta. First of all, I am not much of an activist as related to health care. On top of that, some of what I see about breast cancer has seemed to relate to feminism for which I am not a supporter.

However, yesterday was wonderful. First of all, Amanda and her childhood friends , the Sister Chicks (see some their blogs here: Becky, Kristen, Staci– do any of the rest of you have blogs??) decided as a group that they and their moms (of which I am one) would run in this thing. So, I eventually paid my $25 entrance fee and kind of forgot about it. Well, to my surprise, it turned out to be a very moving and inspirational day. Plus, we had really cute shirts. Thanks, Becky!

A unique part of this race was wearing In Memory Of or In Celebration Of pink signs on our backs. I did not see a single person in that entire crowd who did not have a pink sign on their back. So many people affected by breast cancer.

In our case, Amanda and I both wore signs in honor of Ann Marie Griggs Weinberg, my mother-in-law/Amanda’s grandmother. Ann died in October of 2006 of breast, lung, liver and colon cancer. The touching part of the signs was as hundreds of people, mostly women, gathered around the sign-making station, there were many, many tears as names of loved ones were written down and pinned on t-shirt backs. I am choked up right now thinking about it. One young girl near us was sobbing as she wrote down her mother’s name. Amanda and I had tears in our eyes thinking about Grandmama Ann and how dear she was and still is to us. What a marvelous way to honor the memories of our loved ones!

Many people were able to attend the race in celebration of their loved one who had survived breast cancer. Kristen (above) and her mom, Glenda, who is a survivor both walked the race yesterday. What a blessing to see Glenda cross that finish line- not just marking the end of the 5k, but the marking of victory over breast cancer. It was moving and almost breath-taking to see her and others walk down that Survivor’s Lane.

As the race began, we were at the back of the pack of thousands of people. When I got a glimpse of the massive crowd stretched over the streets, I just rejoiced on the inside over the goodness of God. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks, God received glory yesterday, although his name was not mentioned publicly. HE is the healer of breast cancer and the giver of knowledge to researchers, scientists and doctors. What a wonderful time in which we live that cancers are being beaten everyday and someone like Glenda can walk down the Survivors’ lane figuratively and in reality. But this success is not because we participate in a fundraising event or because wonderful foundations like the Susan G. Komen exist- it’s because God is good and He loves us! He wants you and me to be healed- of breast cancer, depression, relationship difficulties, fear, lack or whatever else the devil tries to throw at us.

So when I saw the thousands of people walking yesterday, I just told the Lord that this was all for His glory for bringing healing to women world-wide. I love Him!!

BTW- Channel 2 interviewed Staci and me and most of us in our group got on TV. I’ll try to post it soon!

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