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Happy Birthday, Jason!

30 years ago! Whew…it’s a lifetime ago, yet it’s been kind of quick too!

Here’s Jason on his 1st birthday in 1981.Even in hand-me-downs, he’s a cutie-pie, isn’t he?

It’s so interesting to look at a baby and not even begin to guess what God has put in that child: talents, personality, skills, potential. But one thing we know about Jason 30 years later is that God filled him to the brim: he’s artsy, musical, creative, a problem-solver, funny and kind. Not to mention he’s a faithful husband, dedicated dad, God-lover, obedient Christ-follower, loving son and hard worker. 

Happy Birthday Jason! I love you!! You’re the best!


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It was a good day!

Let me think about today….

4 point nutritional breakfast

didn’t take the time to exercise this morning because traffic has been SO bad and I didn’t want to cut it close for a 9 am meeting (now is that a lame excuse for not exercising or what??)     it did take 50 minutes to get to church though

meeting; lots of details, good plans for important ministry ventures

prayed for lots of hurting people     

11 point (yikes!) totally high fat lunch     it did fill me up though

3 or four mini-meetings in the afternoon      not much else accomplished

hurried out of the office to get to Jason’s 30th birthday dinner!!        left my phone on my desk….oh, brother

ate with the family at The Union Restaurant      yummy, eclectic, good service      i had “thin beans,” delicioso creamed corn, buttered broccolini, roasted fingerling potatoes      hmmm…estimating a 6-8 point meal

jason opened birthday presents as we (actually, the fam minus me!) feasted on cappucino ice cream and homemade donuts for his “Birthday cake”

had fun with the kids      asa looked like he was 3 with his new haircut….he’s 5 days short of 2!     lydia and nora are just in love with each other and it’s a joy to watch them having so much fun together     all three kids had spaghetti which added entertainment value to our meal!

came home to catch up on e-mails and record today’s meals     3 points over so i’ll use 3 weekly points as a bonus for celebrating jason’s 30th!

america’s got talent…..final 4….finally!


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