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Camp Rocks 2008: The Photos


You can also click this link to check out my flickr site and see the photos individually.


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Mission Accomplished!

Well, Camp Rocks 2008 is now in the history books!

We got home about 10:15 PM last night, locked my car- which was heaped to the rooftop with camp stuff, threw a tarp over Darrell’s truck, which looked like it belonged to the Beverly Hillbillies- and we went to bed. Ten hours later, Darrell woke me up and said, “We’ve got to get Charmin from the vet by noon.” Well, since it was 10:30 AM right then, and we both felt like death warmed over- I knew I needed to start trying to get my body moving.

Can I tell you that I don’t think I have ever run around in public without taking a shower or at least washing my face and fixing my hair a little? Well, I broke that rule today. No makeup, unmatching clothes, crazy looking hair. Everywhere I went today, though, people who waited on me sympathized with me because they thought I was sick. Nope. Just exhausted.

Anyway, I got Charmin from the vet, came home and we unloaded our vehicles. That was as far as I could make my body go. So, we went to Waffle House and had “brunch”, got my car washed and then both Darrell and I got manicures and pedicures. I talked him into it because they massage your hands, arms, feet and legs while you’re sitting in a massage chair- and our feet were KILLING us from all the walking and standing we did at camp!

Darrell went to bed about 6:30 PM tonight. I’m still up preparing for our children’s church service tomorrow. But at least I’m just sitting on the couch. I have fallen asleep with the computer in my lap about three times since Darrell went to bed though.

I am planning to post some pictures to the Camp Rocks page on this blog (see tab above.) We had a blessed week. If you weren’t there, I wish you could have been! It’s always a highlight week of my year.

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