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Since I started working at Mt. Paran North, I have just utterly let my blog go which does not make me happy. I am determined to keep this thing up! On top of that, the photo blog I began is in complete disrepair as well. You might remember that I broke my camera a couple of months ago- and that sure brought the 86400 photo blog to a screeching halt. However, in looking at our bank account today, I see Darrell spent $220 at BrandsMart the day before he left on the trip I will mention below. Here’s hoping it was for a camera to take on vacation! I sure can use it for my blog.

I was considering what to blog about today and decided to check over at Amanda’s blog, hoping for a family update. Here’s why. Basically, my whole family (dh, d, s, dil, gd#1, gd#2, sis & n*) went to California yesterday for a week to celebrate the wedding of our nephew Paul and his bride, Tera…as well as go to the beach, enjoy Disneyland, eat good food (Darrell and his sisters are just the best cooks) and have fun family time. I’m not crazy about my grandbabies being on vacation and I’m not there!! But, I could not get away from church on this particular weekend. However, back to the subject, Amanda has “auto-posted”- she doesn’t like to miss a day of blogging- but that doesn’t give me any vacation updates, does it? So, I guess I’ll just blog about what I’m doing instead:

After leaving church today, I bought some new tennis shoes. Darrell and I are joining the YMCA in an effort to get back in shape. While Darrell was sick, I just let my entire workout priorities slip and I have not gotten back on track all this time. That is going to change!

90% of what I’ve eaten this week has been fruit and vegetables. In order to keep that up tonight, I ate at Doc Greens and got the Dr. Grilled Vegetable salad. Lots of veggies: portabello mushrooms, yellow squash and zucchini as well as regular salad greens and veggies. it was very filling. I’m not a big squash and zucchini eater- but the grilling made them tender and delicious.

Tomorrow, Staci, Kristen and I are going to work on organizing/cleaning our ministry storage area. At the close of camp, we always just kind of throw stuff back into storage without really going through it. Well, we decided that has to stop- and tomorrow we are going to do something about it.

Change of subject: would somebody please just start offshore drilling, mining oil out of shale (or whatever you do with it), mow down ANWR or do SOMETHING!! I am driving Darrell’s truck tomorrow for the storage room cleaning and it’s on empty. That means I had better have a one-hundred dollar bill in my pocket. Now that is ridiculous. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican- somebody better start listening and do something about gas prices. Congressmen: Stop yelling and start taking some action!

*made up my own codes!

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