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So, Darrell’s truck: 1/2 a tank; my car still at the hospital, even though Baby Asa is long gone and quietly resting at home. And Darrell is on his way home from Jamaica the next day. So now he will have to ride MARTA to the Medical Center station, walk across to the Women’s Center at Northside Hopsital and find my car. And then what is he going to do with my car and its empty gas tank- especially since he doesn’t even have my key?

So, after leaving church on Monday afternoon, I found a gas station that actually had gas with some very long lines. Other than visiting Baby Asa, I had nothing else on my schedule Monday night, so I figured I could wait in long lines just like everyone else! Well, when I pulled into the station it was pretty aggravating to see at least 15 cars coming from all directions that would get to a pump before me. Not including the 12 or so that were already in various stages of filling up their cars at the pumps. Suddenly, this truck comes barreling into the station, snakes his way around waiting cars, circles the building somehow and slides around the edge of a line and cuts in front of about 10-12 cars and just goes to the first open pump. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He just got out and cheerfully began filling his tank. Well, I couldn’t help myself. I took my little cell phone, got out of Darrell’s truck and walked over to the back of the guy’s truck and snapped a picture. He looked at me with a startled expression. I calmly told him, “You know you just cut in front of a bunch of cars.” He was completely taken aback and tried to explain himself to me. I didn’t really care what he said, it wouldn’t change the facts- and by this time he was halfway done anyway. It didn’t matter to me at this point. He was talking up a storm in heavily accented English. I think he was just realizing what he had done. I told him it didn’t matter anymore and just walked back to my truck. Well, a couple of minutes later as he finished pumping his gas, he walked over to me where I was still waiting in line (he’s now holding up the line again in order to talk to me.) He offers that I come and take his place when he moves his truck. I said, “Are you kidding me? I am not going to cut in front of these other people!” His crazy “solution” to his faux pax was kind of touching to me- but so off the mark. Anyway, here’s my picture of his truck as a reminder to myself to pay attention to what I am doing so I don’t unintentionally cause inconvenience or difficulty to others in my life.

Do you see the guy’s expression? He’s wondering what in the world I am doing!

Just a side note on this guy cutting in line. While I was pumping gas, two ladies got into a screaming match about one jumping the other in line. I quickly breathed a silent prayer- Please, Lord, don’t let anyone in line have a gun! Everybody is so aggravated about this gas situation, I can see something happening if we’re not careful.

Right after this, I ran by to see Lydia and Baby Asa. Amanda looked so much better. It always feels good to be at home. Her side is still killing her. So much that she can’t really lift the baby out of the Pack and Play where he is currently sleeping. Asa is cute as pie- although he slept the whole time I held him. Les let me borrow a five gallon gas can- because I decided I might just as well go deal with my car.

Drove back down towards the hospital, all the while looking for a gas station. On the way, I saw a guy walking with a gas can, one station with cars wrapped around it two deep- and then finally found another station down Roswell Road (inside I-285) that had gas and not too any cars in line, relatively speaking. I filled up at that gas station and then went to find my car. Found it, poured all five gallons in, which gave me between 1/4 and a 1/2 tank of gas! I now left Darrell’s truck in the hospital parking deck with a full tank and left instruction on his cell phone telling him what to do to find his truck when he got back from his trip.

At this point, believe it or not, it’s already 8:30 at night and everything from the last few days was catching up on me and I could hardly keep my eyes open driving home. Finally pulled into my driveway and remembered I shold have gotten gas in MY car. That 5 gallons wouldn’t last too long. Well, today, I have driven a lot on that “less than a half tank:” to church, quick lunch nearby, to Roswell in the afternoon for tutoring in our ministry apartment (the great thing about that trip is I got some stuff from the Puppet  Festival out of my car and hauled into the apartment!). Next home to get my PHONE I had left this morning. I really wanted it because I wanted to know when Darrell finally got to the Atlanta airport. Back to church for a meeting and then I knew my next stop no matter what, was the gas station. I was able to go back to the same station as yesterday and fill up my car! Finally, back home.

And guess what, five minutes after I got home, here comes Darrell pulling down the driveway! I was so happy. He had stopped by Amanda and Les’ to see the baby which finally made us all so happy! And now, I think the door has finally closed on this crazy, happy, Asa-is-here week!


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