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Today was the culmination of an already “interesting” week.

I stayed home from church this morning as the night before had been so late with our new little baby Asa coming into the world. I also brought Nora home with me so Brandy and Jason would have an easier time getting to church to lead the kindergarten children’s church in the morning. And Nora (and I) needed to sleep as late as possible- which is not actually late when Nora is involved! When we got up, we went to the hospital so we could spend some time with the new baby and with Lydia. I was really anxious to see Lydia’s reaction to the new baby. She seems to be taking Asa’s entrance into her world in stride. Shortly after I got to the hospital, we decided it would be good for me to take Lydia and Nora to the hospital cafeteria to get something to eat- but to also move around a bit. Hospital rooms can be so confining.

It was a bit of an adventure getting to the cafeteria and actually choosing food for a 2 year old and a 4 year old. The culmination of choosing our food, however, was in line while I was trying to weigh food and pay for it. Nora was looking at something at the checkout and Lydia came over and dared to look at the same thing Nora was looking at. So, like any self-respecting 4 year old would do, Nora hit Lydia. Well, not to be outdone, Lydia pulled Nora’s hair…and pulled it…and pulled it. Next thing you know, Nora is crying at the top of her lungs which in turn caused Lydia to start crying at the top of her lungs. All the while I am just trying to weigh our peaches and black olives (little kids have quite the creativity in picking their food) and pay for our meal. Yikes…we created quite the scene. As soon as we got to our table though, Lydia said, “I want to sit next to Nora.” Hmmm….they both just made me laugh. Even in their fighting and crying, I have never seen two more adorable girls in my life!

Shortly after we ate and got back to Amanda’s room, Jason and Brandy arrived after church. Brandy and I had to quickly turn around and get in my car and head back to church to assist with the kids’ choir auditions. Here is where the story turns. The previous night, while racing to the hospital at 80 mph, I noticed I was down to about a quarter of a tank of gas. All day long at the festival, I had heard people mentioning gas prices, lack of gas, gas stations closed, etc. But with the festival events and baby Asa coming, that was not at the forefront of anything I was thinking about. However, as Brandy and I were driving to church, the Low Fuel light came on. I knew I’d have to get gas as soon as I could. Well, on the way to Brandy’s house after the auditions, I expected to get gas at the station next to their house. Ummm….no gas. No problem there were 2 or 3 more stations in the next stretch of road. However, station after station had placed plastic bags over the gas nozzles or NO GAS signs on the pumps- and suddenly, that LOW FUEL light began screaming at me. Finally, I saw a station with cars at the pump. I pulled in, relieved- but only for a moment. An employee waved me away saying they wouldn’t have any gas left after the cars at the pumps finished. Thankfully, the attendant told me the station across the street still had a supply. When I got over there, to my chagrin, the line of cars ready to fill up wrapped around the block! I thought I’d run out before I could ever made it to a pump. So, I decided I’d better just try to get back to the hospital. At least I’d be at a place where I could get a ride from Les or someone visiting them. I did make it to the hospital and parked in the parking deck. While driving there, I remembered I actually had another option. Remember that Darrell had parked his truck at the airport earlier in the week? Click here for the details.

I decided that when I left the hospital again, I would walk down the street (it was kind of a longer walk than I thought) and ride MARTA to the airport and retrieve Darrell’s truck. Hopefully, it would have a full tank! So, that’s exactly what I did. Carrying my computer and my purse, I made the trek from Amanda’s hospital room to the MARTA station and then took the train to the airport. Upon entering the train, I promptly fell asleep. It’s a good thing the airport is the end of line so I didn’t miss my stop! Once at the airport, I listened to Darrell’s phone message telling me where he had parked the truck and I started walking…and walking….and walking. And you know, it has gotten kind of chilly- and I wasn’t really dressed for it. It didn’t take long to realize I didn’t really have all the information a person needs to find a parked car at the airport. Blue 22A was a little more obscure than one would think. Finally, finally, finally, a little shuttle-thing came down the parking lot aisle on which I was walking. I flagged him down and he told me to get on. He’d help me find 22A. What a blessing- because by this time, it was completely dark, I was pretty cold with no jacket and wearing flip-flops on my feet. Plus my computer and purse now weighed 100 pounds each. The lack of sleep since before the festival began was also starting to catch up with me. Well, without too much trouble, we found Darrell’s truck which was a BLESSING! $50 later, I was on the road. The truck only had about half a tank- but at least I’m OK for a day or two until Darrell gets home and we can get both cars filled up somehow.

Isn’t life interesting?


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