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Camp Primo 2012

It’s hard to believe this is our  5th year of Camp Primo! Here are the campers- ready to go for Camp Primo 2012:
IMAG0794 by cindy.hunnicutt

Here are a few highlights:

Bible Time: I Can Do Important Things for God

We looked at the story of Miriam and baby Moses and talked all throughout camp about how we can choose to be obedient to God and do important things for Him. The kids could have colored and created all day long!

Fort Mountain State Park Hiking Adventure

Boating…and more!

Archery practice with our handmade bows and arrows:

Click this link for all the photos!


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You know, life is busy. Everyone’s busy. A lot of people tell me I’m overly-busy. But I am telling you that this week has been one of those OVER THE TOP busy weeks, even for me.

One week ago today, I was just getting home from a three day retreat with our 4th and 5th graders at church. I haven’t blogged about that event, but it was really, really fun and a fair amount of work to get together. Click here to view the pictures. I was pretty tired on Monday morning- and that was just the start of this amazing week.

Monday was a regular work day- maybe a little longer than normal in an attempt to catch up after the retreat. Tuesday too. However, Tuesday was also Jason’s 28th birthday and we ate at the Melting Pot. Yummy!! It was fun. However, that was also the night before Darrell was on his way to Jamaica to serve on a Jamaican Tres Dias team. We raced home after Jason’s birthday dinner to get everything packed into Darrell’s weight and size-limited luggage so he could get up at 4:30 AM in order to get to the airport on time. All of that went smoothly. Darrell even left me a message early that Wednesday morning as to where he parked his truck in the event we might need it for the upcoming Puppet Festival. More to come on that!

Wednesday morning I got to keep Lydia while Amanda went to a prenatal yoga class. We had fun- but I did have to hurry to work as soon as Amanda returned. Wednesdays can be hectic while preparing for the evening classes and activities at church. The day and evening went without incident. Choir practice at 7 PM and then Transition (our 4th and 5th grade ministry) at 7:45 p.m. I went over to our storage room after church and loaded my car to the hilt with supplies and equipment for the festival. It was pretty late by the time I got home.

Thursday I rushed around in the office and then left a little early to meet the One Way Street folks at Crabapple 1st Baptist Church to start getting the church set up for the puppet festival. That evening, several of us gathered for a practice to learn a “human video” to present in the Creative Ministry competition on Saturday at the festival. Here’s where the events begin to speed up.

The piece we were practicing involved all of us lining up in a very narrow little walkway leading up to the sanctuary platform next to the church organ. Amanda, who was two weeks away from delivering her baby, accidentally stepped off the edge of the little walkway and fell about a foot or more down into the organ well, smashing all her weight into the edge of the organ and scraping and badly brusing herself all the way down her left side. Remember, she is 38 weeks pregnant. Well, as she fell and hit the back edge of her ribs, it knocked the breath out of her. When she regained her breath she began to scream which in turn caused little 2 year old Lydia to cry and scream as well. Jason and I dove through the crowd of the other people participating in the piece. I grabbed Amanda and Jason grabbed Lydia in an attempt to figure out what had happened and help Amanda. Well, Amanda was basically OK- but badly shaken and with the beginnings of what we knew could potentially be a bad situation for going into labor, unless the baby held off for a week or more so the injury could heal.

Fast forward after getting everyone settled back down, sending Amanda and Lydia home and doing as much as could that night to prepare the festival. It was pretty late before we got all the details of the ministry piece accomplished and left for the evening. The next day was the Atlanta Puppet Festival. It was a loooong day as we welcomed 450 participants and then spent the night with the New M&M Puppeteers (6 of the kids from our apartment complex ministry) and assorted leaders. Those of you who ever travel with kids and spend the night with them in hotels, know that this night was not exactly 100% restful. However, Julie and Jeana took the brunt of the girls’ behavior and needs for which I am very grateful! Amanda had even come that night to help with registration. Her side was definitely hurting her- but did not seem to have any broken bones.

Friday night/Saturday morning, unbeknownst to me, Amanda woke up at 4:30 AM and knew something felt “different.” However, knowing she was still two weeks from delivery, she was cautious to think this might be the real thing. So, she, Les and Lydia got ready and still came to the puppet festival to compete with the team in the Creative Ministry competition right before lunch. Our song went great (special thanks to Staci’s leadership and Julie’s too!) It was a moving piece in which we each gave a personal testimony via a hand-printed piece of cardboard. Here’s an example:

The piece was very moving. Several of us were very emotional during the song, especially when Amanda, Les and Lydia came out with their signs. Amanda was not feeling well during all of this because what had started with just a bad feeling at 4:30 AM had now turned into recognizable contractions- even while she was in the competition! However, we were still very excited at the end of the festival to receive a Gold Award and the People’s Choice award for our presentation. Congratulations, M&M Puppeteers.

Well, Amanda and Les ate lunch with us after the presentation and then went home to clean house. That never happened. By mid afternoon, the contractions were very pronounced and they knew it was time to get to the hospital. While the rest of us were finshing up the Puppet Festival and cleaning the church, Amanda was keeping up updated with her progress. Finally, right as we left the church at about 7 PM, Les called and said they had gotten to the hospital and Amanda was already dilated to an 8. Well, I raced (literally) to the hospital. You’d think I was the one having the baby. I was doing about 80 mph on the expressway. I was about to start honking and putting on my flashers!! When I arrived at the hospital, I just parked right in front of Labor and Delivery, like I was bringing in the mother in labor. I ran through that hospital- my shoes were even untied with laces flappping. I did not want that baby to come before I could get there! Well, I made it in time- but poor Amanda was already in the throes of labor and was NOT feeling well.

However, she was determined to have a natural delivery and her face and focus were set. Regardless of the discomfort, pain, moaning and screaming- she was going to have this baby naturally. Eventually those of us who had gathered went out to the waiting room to do just that- wait. Finally about 9:45 PM, Les came out to tell us that little baby Asa had arrived about 30 minutes previously and both Mom and baby were doing fine. There was quite a bit of clean up to do on Amanda, so it was still some time before we were able to go back to see her and the baby. Click here for a picture.

Do you remember that I mentioned Darrell had left for Jamaica on Wednesday morning? Well, we were all very sad that he was still there and missed Asa’s birth. I called every number I had and left messages on voice mails of folks with Jamaican accents- but never actually reached him that night. It was still a very, very exciting night and next day (today.) Little baby Asa is so cute; very quiet and content. He’s as light as a feather and has a cute head of dark hair. We still can’t quite figure out who he looks like. I guess he just looks like himelf!

So, here I am a week after that 4th and 5th grade retreat and marvelling about what a week in a person’s life can bring. I just thank God for my precious family and wonderfully supportive friends and co-workers, for our new little baby and my healthy daughter (whose side is killing her!) as well as fulfulling ministry opportunities almost everyday of the week.

I haven’t even mentioned what the rest of this day was like- but this post is too long already!

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Meet Baby Asa!

Born September 20

7 lbs, 10 Oz.

20 inches long

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