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This has been an interesting week! Several of us took 7 4th/5th grader kids on a short term mission trip right here at home! We brought the “fresh bread” of God’s Word to children living in an apartment complex in Clarkston as well as at our own SqPeg Ministries apartment in Roswell. Our first day of ministry was at an apartment complex in Clarkston. We visited the mission housed in the Leasing Office which is directed by a wonderful, big-hearted bear of a man named Bennett

We brought some games, a puppet song, an interactive Bible story and a stick song named “Arise My Love” with which to minister to the children.

Following are a few photos to give you the flavor of the day. The first one is our team at Tim Cummins’ office. He gave us an orientation about apartment complex ministry to refugees and other immigrants. Tim is an awesome man of God and made our trip possible.

our team

Two Muslim teenagers Two Muslim teenagers


A variety of enthic groups live together in this apartment- all of them refugees from war torn countries. Although the children I’m speaking with look Hispanic, they were Asian- mostly refugees from Bhutan via a refugee camp in Nepal. Notice the three women in the background.


The kids in the complex were SOOOO excited we were there. However, that excitement turned to craziness in their behavior as in stealing much of our equipment right out from under our noses: microphone, squirt guns, my sunglasses and more. We finally had to send half our team to play games with the children while the other half of us (see the orange shirts in the background?) quickly set up. We recovered most of our stuff by chasing down the guilty parties.


Notice the different ethnicities of children- all sitting on the same beach towel!


Bennett is the director of this mission. He runs a full after school program for his kids every week day during the school year. During the summer he feeds children two meals a day. He is a precious man.










Two refugee moms watched our program. 











I loved the dicotomy of color between the boys we were visiting and boys on our team.

DSC01865Staci graciously agreed to join our team on this trip. One of the things she did was to teach our group the stick choreography to the moving song “Arise My Love.” 

 Bennett had asked us to not be too overt in our Christianity, simply beacuse of his work in developing relationships with the Mulims living in his complex. It takes time to develop trust with those of a completely different background. He is using the tools of his after school programs to develop the relationships necessary to introduce families to Jesus. So, in order to respect Bennett’s wishes, we closed our program with the “Arise My Love” ministry in place of a salvation call. After the song, which tells the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, the little boy in the following picture questioned one of our team members. He asked if Jesus was still dead, giving our team member a great opportunity to tell the little guy the truth of what Jesus did for him. You can see the interest on his face!

DSC01884 by you.

After the ministry, we of course gave our kids a chance to cool off in our hotel’s swimming pool. We didn’t know until then that Cece could actually levitate!!

Cece levitating



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