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 Well, my family finally got home from California. You can click “More Photos” under the scrolling photos on the side bar to your bottom right to see a sampling of the trip. Everyone had a wonderful time and it sounded and looked like loads of fun according to the pictures and the rosy red sunburnt faces and bodies. But the “ahhh…finally!” moments for me were Friday and Saturday nights. Nora spent the night on Friday and Lydia on Saturday. Hooray!

We took each girl to the playground and here are a couple of pictures to give you a flavor of all the fun.

However, grand-cuties notwithstanding, the most startling event of the weekend didn’t even relate to them. Here’s what happened:

I have started a 30 minutes per day walking regimen. So, on Friday night after Nora got to  our house, we took her and Charmin and went up to our local elementary school (Mtn. Rd Elementary where Jason attended when he was a little boy- how time flies!) While there, our car keys slipped off Darrell’s belt loop. We walked the path over and over, looking for those lost keys.  Finally, Darrell, Nora and I all stopped to pray. We asked God to take the blinders off our eyes and help us see those keys.

We decided to take another walk around the track and within two or three minutes, look what Darrell spied: 


As the name of this blog states: God is certainly in the details of our lives! And thank goodness for the kindness of a stranger.

A final note: the next morning when Darrell went out to the car, he noticed one of Nora’s flip-flops on top of my car. He remembered putting them on the roof of the car while he was strapping Nora in her carseat at the playground. So, we got in the car and retraced our path of the previous evening and look what we found:


It did  have a tire tread mark on it- but other than that was in good shape! It was certainly a “seek and ye shall find” weekend in our household!!


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