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One of my favorite restaurants in Roswell is Sahara. They offer Lebanese cuisine and it reminds me so much of how we ate when visiting Israel. People in Mediterranean countries eat several appetizers, sometime called salads, regardless of the actual ingredients, before or as their entire meal. So, tonight I had four “salads” and a bowl of lentil soup. One of the “salads” I had was hummus and pita bread. I brought the leftovers home and they are now calling my name! I also mistakenly took a bite out of something I realized later was part of the garnish on one of the dishes. I thought it was a beet but it actually turned out to be a piece of pickled turnip. Yikes! That was the hottest, nastiest, worst-tasting piece of food I’ve had in my mouth in a long time. I wanted Darrell to taste it to see if he could tell what it was. He will usually try anything- but he said after seeing what my face looked like, there was no way he was going to try it!

So, while I highly recommend Mediterranean food and Sahara Mediterranean Grill- I definitely will warn you to stay away from pickled turnips! Yuck!

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